Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- AJ Revisited

The reason I named this piece AJ, in case you don’t remember, is because I spent a lot of time mixing colors only to realize that I had painted it the same color of my China Cabinet Abe.  Talk about frustrating! It wasn’t an exact color match but it was pretty darn close. IN FACT Sammy was the one that named him Abe Jr and the name stuck – AJ!

If you read the post before this one, you’ll see the many stages of AJ.  First he was a dingy 50’s yellow with gold trim (and yes he looks better in the photo than his true to life 50’s nostalgic self) but he really needed lots of TLC.  Paint was chipping everywhere, hardware was stripped or nonexistent, pieces were loose or gone, you get the idea.  So after I painted him exactly the same color that I never meant to, he was transformed yet again to a cool beige color that didn’t really fit his personality at all. 

Now here he is, in my bathroom, where the girls want him out of, but I think he’ll stay.

DSCN1961DSCN1957DSCN1960 DSCN1964

I know this is a funny angled shot but it’s hard do get my body contorted in order to get a picture with the rug!

The color is a light grey called Gentle Rain (middle)

 gentle rain behr

I kept the inside and trim beige, which was the color I had painted it before. Partly because I wanted a light color trim and partly because I’m lazy and was not about to paint that thing again!

I like it and I’m hoping it grows on my kids because I really don’t want to move it again.  Gosh I’m honest today!

Have a great Tuesday and don’t forget my contest ends tomorrow!

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Deanna said...

Love it! Does the door bump it? The cabinet looks so big! It looks classy and . . . bed & breakfsty. . .if you know what I mean.
PS: I am headed to my dump recycle center today - wish me luck!

as1607 said...

I love it! So classy.

Between Blue and Yellow said...

So pretty! What an awesome way to store bathroom stuff. Great work!