Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a Touch of Color

Sometimes a touch of color can add a lot of PUNCH to a room.

Case in point, this decorative piece that my friend Brock brought over for me to paint.  He loved the design but didn’t like the the wood finish so much.


Beautiful, right?!

The reason you see blue behind this piece is because I taped off the back before I painted it so it would prevent bleeding:


See as my lovely assistant Brianna models this for me.  Of COURSE she asked me not to get her hand in the shot or say her name for that matter, so don’t tell her for me ok (shhhh)

Here is the finished piece in the color Brock chose:


I think it looks great!! Don’t you?

Be ready to read all about my give away this week. Can’t tell you when exactly …you just have to come back and see!

Hope you have a GREAT week!


(and just incase you think you liked this thing better in a wood finish, I kinda did too but it wasn’t mine and I was paid to paint it. Sometimes we don’t always get what we want. Just thought I’d that in Smile)


~ Tami said...

Rita I love the blue, the pop of color really brightens it up! Great job :)

Megan said...

What a pretty piece! You know me, I love my color!

Katie said...

I love the color Brock chose (and that name)! I love how much color can make a boring piece pop!

Twice Nice said...

Looks good either way to me! It's definitely nice as a pop for a room. Great work! Deb