Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Dyandra’s Desk

First of all I hope you had a wonderful holiday and even better New Year!!

Are you ready for 2012?? I am, and I’m even more super excited that I’m starting it off with furniture orders…be still my heart. I was looking at my calendar from 2011 and I have it written down that I got my first Etsy order on Jan. 19. Isn’t that awesome!!? It doesn’t seem like it’s going on a year now that I’ve had my own shop and “Curbside Creations” business.

I wanted to share a desk I did last year for Dyandra. She sent me the photos of it in her house along with a new clear chair she had ordered specifically for the desk and I for one think it looks great. This is the before and after shot if you need a refresher of what this blue desk looked like before a little dose of TLC! : Blue Desk.


I love the way it matches the crystal knobs! It’s like they’re soul mates who’ve found each other at last!! Haha, sorry for the cheese. This Christmas it’s been nothing but Hallmark Christmas specials! Can we say, magical!?

Expect good things from Curbside Creations in 2012! My ultimate goal for the new year, is to get a professional camera that can deal with the yellow glares in my house; so hopefully I’ll at least be able to deliver some rock star photos!

Check back often to see what 2012 has in store for curbside bound furniture. So many curbs, so little time!

Happy blogging,


Twice Nice said...

Love that blue, and combined with that chair...ultra cool!
Another fine finish! Deb

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

What a pretty paint color! and that chair is so cool! Happy New Year Rita!

Deanna said...

*where* did she get that cool chair!?!

Megan said...

The chair is perfect for the desk, made to be!