Monday, January 23, 2012

Can you say…YUCK!?

I’ll admit it, if I’m on blogger looking at my reading list and I don’t have a lot of time to blog hop, I’ll look at the pictures and gauge which ones I’ll check out and which ones I’ll save for another time.  If you see this picture, I’ll be one of those skips!


So this is my mantle post Christmas Decorations and it’s atrocious!!

I don’t want to put anything up there until I know what it’s gonna be and right now I HAVE NO IDEA. 

So I’m asking you for help…..HELP!!!!

If you see something out there on Pintrest or anywhere, send me some help would you please??

Oh and just so you know, the bottom of the fireplace is  1 1/2 feet off the ground so we don’t use it because it we have to install a screen and we haven’t done that yet.

Comments, concerns, ideas, or if you just want to tell me how ugly my fireplace is…you’re all welcome!!




Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

well what look are you going for? how bout painting the brick and mantle white? or black?

~ Tami said...

Maybe check out the blog 52 Mantels for some inspiration?

~ Tami said...

Rita, I bet you could find some really fabulous shudders on the curb or resale shop and put them on the mantel. Check these two out:

I love how you can add to them and change them up easily! I am jealous because I have a tv mounted above my mantel and cannot use shudders!
Check them out!
I also think huge iron pieces are beautiful and easy to change for seasons and decorate around.
There's my two cents!

Twice Nice said...

I think this fireplace could be one of those "If you paint the brick, then you'll have to...and if you..., then you'll have to...". Is this your focal point in the room? I like Cassie's idea of painting it. What is your color inspiration or what feeling do you want to convey in this space. Wish we could all stop by for coffee and stare at it with you. We'd really rock it out then!

pholnster said...

I will definitely be following this particular post! I have a similar fireplace and a similar dilemma. Mine is brick and has two brackets and a shelf top painted/stained fugly brown. Can't wait to see some of the ideas people come up with!

pholnster said...

OK I know I just posted above, but I googled and pinterested and thought what if you faux painted the brick similar to this technique

But using the colors seen in this pinterest photo on the stone.

You already have the mantle part similar to the one in the photo and I'm sure you could come up with something creative to look similar to that screen in front of the fire place. Just an idea...

Megan said...

first off, you have a great fireplace, i love how it reaches the ceiling, so dramatic! I just saw a chevron painted brick fireplace which I would totally do, but might be too much for you :)

Deanna said...

1. Ours, is also off the ground and we have not used it since 1999 - seriously.
2. My screen: 20 + yr old brass. I spray painted w/ hi heat black. Much better!
3. seen this on how to make a HUGE photo on the cheap?