Sunday, December 04, 2011

Dear Santa, from a DIY girl!

Dear Santa,

I thought I’d write you because the last few weeks I’ve been asked what I want for Christmas. You know I’d love nothing more than my family to be healthy and happy, but no one seems to take this for an answer.

I’ve been asked if I want perfume, clothes, or kitchen appliances. I politely say “no” and simply ask for a gift card to Lowes, Home Depot or Hobby Lobby. (Simple right)…Nope! Still not good enough. :(

I say again “but if you really want to buy something for me, there’s tons of stuff at these stores I can use and would LOVE to have”. Think that’ll do the trick? Nope, uh – uh. Why, because these aren’t stores where you can get something that’s personal. They’re far too home improvement like.

Now Santa I don’t mean to sound rude or unthankful however I was hoping I could get your help since this is your area of expertise.  Also I don’t want a lump of coal since I’m hard to shop for so I thought I’d pass along my list to you and you could help me in this area.  I’d appreciate it, here it goes:

  1. Purdy Brushes – I have one that I bought so far and am in love with it. Not more than my family but it ranks pretty high up there.
  2. Ann Sloan Paint – Being the frugal person I am I could never see purchasing a thirty dollar gallon of this wonderful paint, but heck if someone wants to by me a pot or pan I’ll never use, I’d rather not see their money wasted, know what I mean?
  3. A Wax Brush-ooohhhh…I’m salivating over here.
  4. Hobby Lobby Gift Card- This is something every DIY gal should have in their purse: wallet – check, lipstick- check, HL gift card – check, Life complete – check!
  5. Circuit Machine – Remember the Red Ryder BB Gun…Need I say more!

Thanks Santa for your help with this matter and if you ever need a new coat of paint on your sled…you know where to find me!

Oh! One more thing, almost forgot about my stocking! If you could pick up some Fast Orange on your way to my house, that would be nice. I think Sammy gets embarrassed taking me places with paint on my hands

Thanks Santa, you’re the best!

Forever Grateful,

Rita (p.s. I make awesome cookies)


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

dear santa
i have never heard of fast orange, but apparently could use some in my stocking, too.
and please bring rita all the things she wants because she is an awesome person with a big heart and deserves it.

Megan said...

Hilarous and so true, love your list :) I hope your Santa is reading this!

momma_drea said...

Ok ok I get the picture!!! GOSH!!!

Donna @ Loopy Loop Creations said...

Rita, love the post!!! and congrats on the job!