Monday, December 05, 2011


Ok guys this post is probably gonna be long so here’s fair warning, but I PROMISE it is a good one!

So first of all, I’m starting a new job tomorrow and I want to end my hiatus of being jobless with a bang!  (do you like my foreshadowing?)

I’ve been working on a Super Hero bedroom set for my cousin this past week.  It’s been difficult being that there really isn’t much on the internet to go off of. I found bits and pieces of things I liked from everywhere so I decided to take those and incorporate them the best way I could. Which I’ll show you in a minute.

BUT FIRST…Lets take a look at what I had to start off with.


I received this bed from a friend of mine. It had been in her family and now taking up space in her garage so she had me take it off her hands. Right away I thought of so many colors but waited until something really struck.  Well, in the end nothing did so I happened upon a white washed bed and applied the same technique to this bed.  This was the result:


This photo was taken at Junkadoodle a couple of months ago.  It looked good in white wash ( I think) but even though that actually IS the result I was looking for, Sammy didn’t believe that it was in fact finished. (rolling eyes)

I put it away until I had time to redo it. That’s when NORAH called.

NORAH: I have a cousin that I LOVE because she LOVES all my furniture creations and always tells me so(that’s not the only reason)! But, how can you not love that??  She’s awesome and has the cutest kids.  Her son Ayden is getting his first “Big Boy’s” room and the theme she decided on was “Super Heros”. She asked if I had nightstands (which I did) and I told her about the bed as well. Heck, I never thought about pairing the two together but why not, right?  She loved the idea and let me run wild with the theme.

This is the nightstands “before”:


The second photo is my favorite because it brings up a good question.

To Contact Paper, or not to Contact Paper? Seriously people this should NEVER be a question!! Unless it’s going in a drawer, it should not be used on furniture. Contact paper…JUST SAY NOOOOO!!!

Thanks I just HAD to get that off my chest!

I think I’ve bored you with enough monolog so let’s get to the fun stuff!! Ready for some pictures??!!

AYDEN’S Super Hero Furniture:



Not bad if I do say so myself!

Also I drew the sides so that the same image faces outward so she can switch them up if she decides and they still match (make sense?).

So, Super Ayden, I hope you like your new Big Boy room and appreciate my mad hand drawing skills!! haha!

Wish me luck getting back to the grind tomorrow and stay tuned for Tossed and Turned Tuesday tomorrow!



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

holy crap! those are awesome! oh my goodness i am impressed!

Katie said...

CONGRATS on your new job!! Hope it goes awesome!! And Holy awesomeness Batman! Those are pretty awesome! You did a great job on the details!

Twice Nice said...

Good Luck on the new job! Wow! Bam! You knocked the socks off this one!!

~ Tami said...

Adorable! Lucky Boy!

ashlie said...

OMG - I want this in my room! Amazing job - consider it pinned!

Kammy Wielenga said...

Rita. Seriously. You just blew me away.

Deanna said...

niiice! not sure if you wanna but I had pinned this superhero homemade poster art for future reference:

Daena from Bad Rabbit Vintage said...

Holy paint job, Batman!

Seriously, awesome.