Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday–Truly Trash To Treasure!

Technically this isn’t trash since I paid three bucks for it and that’s only because I don’t have a poker face and can’t hide my reaction to cool looking stuff! I didn’t know what it was before I asked “how much is this thing?”.  Crap! I really need to watch that.

So here it is, my truly trash, trash.


I think it was some sort of air cleaning unit.  It turns on and pops (fire hazard) and has a knob on the side. It’s also heavier than heck.  I just thought the front grid thingy was cool and that’s what drew me to it.

Here are more so you can judge for yourself.










So far I’ve started to take this thing apart and I’m not so sure what is salvageable at this point. I’m hoping I have more to show you than the grid on the front that I’m in love with.  Cross your fingers!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress if my allergies will let me get through it long enough to make progress.  It’s pretty yuk!

Got to go paint the town a bright array of colors!

Rita Smile

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Megan said...

3 bucks, what a steal! I love the grid thing too can't wait to see the transformation!!