Monday, November 14, 2011

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Tuxedo Table

The reason I call this the Tuxedo table is because of its likeness to a pin striped suit. I guess I should have called it a pin stipe suit table (???) but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue well.

Without further ado, this is the new Tuxedo Table:

Before  and after - front shot:

006 (3)005

Before and after – side shot:

007 (3)007


And just a few more for your viewing pleasure:






I totally forgot to post about this earlier but I’ve been out of the old job now for a few weeks. I’ve been busier than I could have ever imagined but thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.  And the kids (and dogs) love me being home when they get here after school. 

I start a new job the first week of December. It’s working with a special friend of mine so that is always a blessing….and guess what, she says more than good morning when prompted (that’s an inside joke). It’s temporary but it’s sounds interesting.  Plus I realize I can’t stay home forever as much as I’d like. So I’m pretty excited

Curbside Creations…this is always a good topic. I’ve been selling furniture just about every week but know it’s not a fulltime gig. NOT YET! It never really was which is why I stayed so comfortably at my old job. I have a child going to college and a child with depression not to mention I have my own meds so between the three of us I know how much I need a month and don’t cut it with my furniture biz.  It’s enough to give me spending money and a fun creative outlet, but I just don’t have the following I need to do it alone.  I need to start investigating cheap advertising!!

I hope I didn’t bore anyone and if you actually read all of this, I love you!

If you feel you must comment and tell me what an extra special person I am, I won’t stop you.




Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that table is so dark and handsome and i think he just ordered me a drink. ;)
and i am praying for the best for you, friend!

Katie said...

This is so awesome Rita!! I love it!! And glad to hear you'll have a temporary job this December!! :)

ashlie said...

Love the table! It totally looks like a tuxedo!

Glad to hear things are going well for you and you have opportunities coming your way. I think so many of us dream of a time when we can be creative full time and be able to support ourselves doing so, and you are definitely talented enough to make it happen!

Aurora said...

You did a great job on this table - love the white pin-striping. very nice.
so glad you're job situation is working out - its tough to work from home if you need insurance or $$ for meds - both so expensive.

take care

Tanya said...

Love, love it! It turned out great. Amazing what a little paint can do.

Kahli said...

I love how the white details contrast against the dark gray. It turned out amazing!

Deanna said...

There are so many paths to choose. Changing paths is the hardest part. You have started a new journey. Enjoy it!

Megan said...

So happy that you found a new job so quickly! I wish I could find a way to turn doing what I love into a business too.....maybe someday :) I'm not getting my business degree for nothing! I totally love this table, it does remind me of a tuxedo!

Kammy Wielenga said...

That is so beautiful! Errr... handsome!