Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kunu The Wonder Cat (The Saga)

I bet you’re thinking this post will be a long boring one about how I love and adore my cat right?  Well it’s not. It’s a long funny tale about a book I’ve never written and it stars Sammy’s cat.

You see I’ve always wanted to write a children's book OR have my name attached to a book somehow so I figure rather than take a creative writing course and submit my work of art to Random House, why not start here and see what my friends think first.


The star of this book is Kunu our (crazy, darn) lovable cat that adopted us not too long ago and the apple of my husband’s eye.

On to my story:

Kunu The Wonder Cat

I wonder where Kunu is?
Could he be outside playing with butterflies?


No, he’s asleep in a basket in Mom’s room.

I wonder where Kunu is?
Could he be outside singing sweet songs with the birds?


No, he’s asleep again on Mom’s dresser kicking everything to the floor. He’s so cute!


I wonder where Kunu is?
Could he be flying kites with the dogs?


No, but I found him! He’s in Mom’s furniture she’ getting ready to sell at the flea market!

I wonder where Kunu is?
Could he be hiding under a rainbow?Moracan_Blue_Before3

No. I mean why the heck would he when he can be hiding in a project Mom’s working on.  He’s never in the way!


I wonder where Kunu is?
Could he be helping the kids with their chores?

photo (4)

Hell No, he’s standing inside the dishwasher where everyone thinks he looks SO adorable!

I wonder where Kunu is?
Could he be playing hide and seek?

photo (1)

No, he’s just playing HIDE in another of Mom’s chest of drawers she’s trying to work on but can’t because there’s an animal in side!

I wonder where Kunu is?
Could he be helping with Thanksgiving dinner?

photo (7)

OF COURSE NOT!  I mean why help when you can sit your behind right smack in the middle of the décor. Right??


So where is Kunu the wonder cat? He’s asleep in and on everything because it’s his world after all. I just pay the bills011

I’m not bitter.



pictures taken by Brianna Mireles via my iphone to capture every moment of Kunu’s precious existence.


Olivia said...

quite possibly the cutest post ever.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

awww he's so cute :)

Megan said...

I would totally buy that book! Kunu is one ADORABLE cat!!! My fav is the one of him sleeping with Ashley :)

Deanna said...