Friday, October 07, 2011


Hey guys! It's Friday and I have a moment to myself and thought, with no one around to talk to, I just kind of felt like writing. You can choose to leave at this point if your not a reader...I don't blame you. haha!

Just thought since I have new followers and friends I'd give you a little more insight to "me".

I currently work for a trade show company and work on furniture during the weekend or whenever I have available. Usually the way my week goes is Mon - Fri I work, gripe and complain about it, and work some more. Then on Saturday I go garage saling with Brianna. She comes along for the ride and we have time alone to talk about anything and everything. I wouldn't trade those mornings for the world!

I have a high school senior this year "Ashley" who keeps me busy with school stuff all the time not to mention I signed up to be "senior mom" and am now on some committees for the school. Which I LOOOOVVVEE. I've always loved school and welcome any chance to get my hands in it again. We're gonna have a blast this year!! Our goal is to raise $30,000. They've only ever raised $15,000 so we HAVE to hit it this year!! If you have any ideas send them my way please!

My youngest daughter is Brianna. She is precious and this past year was diagnosed with depression. We've had our struggles but thank God she is doing great now! Oh and she has blue hair. Yeah I never thought I'd have a kid with blue hair but I do and I LOVE her uniquity!

My husband is Sammy. He supports all that I do even though he won't let me quit my day job. I guess one day when Curbside Creations really takes off he'll regret his current decision of keeping me working when I don't want to. That aside, I'm very very lucky!

We have two dogs and a cat...all rescues so to speak: Tubby, Reese, and Kunu

That's pretty much the my facts of life but as far as my goal and direction and well wishes, I have tons. I'm an open book and I love all things creative. I love reading blogs or articles where people follow their dreams and are in a place in their lives where they are truly happy and satisfied. I'm almost there but not quite yet. Everyday can be a struggle in some way or another.

Everyday when I drop my daughter off at school I tell her to make her own sunshine. As cheesy as that is, I believe it 100% because you have to. I know I do. The world is too full of nay sayers so I'm happy knowing that I make some kind of difference. However big or small. Whether it's for my kids, my husband, my dogs, my family or even a client. I want to know that I touched someone in a good way. That's what matters to me.

Even though right now it bums me out that I don't have a business of my own or I have struggles at work, I remember I'm so many other things. I'm a shiny happy person dang it!

So if you stop by my blog on Thursday or Tuesday or by my face book page or are even at a flea market I'm attending... Just know that I appreciate the time you took stop and say hello or see what's up my sleeve for next time. And that you come back!! This is how I make my own sunshine!! :)

Have a GREAT weekend and...
say it with me...



Twice Nice said...

I Love your sentiment, "Make your own sunshine" might be borrowed to become our little family mantra. It would replace, "Don't rain on my parade" at our house! Sounds like you have a beautiful family, and with your talents it's only a matter of time before you will be there with your furntiure business!
Have a super weekend Rita!

~ Tami @ Curb Alert! said...

This was very sweet and I enjoyed reading and getting to know you a little better. I also love the "Make your own sunshine". What a bright and positive way to help your daughter start her day!

Marusca Gatto Glassworks said...

Just so you know, Rita, I'm one of those who is thrilled to read your Tues/Thurs adventures while working my own day job! I'm a fused glass artist but until I can generate a good income by 'creating', I need to keep on working... Thanks for bringing some sunshine into my day!
PS: Nice little post about your life... keep shining brightly!

Rita said...

Thanks guys for your sweet and awesome comments!! It always makes me feel so much better to know that there are friends out there who can share in my triumph and misery and still come back. I appreciate you and you help make my sunshine!!

Rachel said...

I feel the same way about my day job. I want to be a mosaic artist and redo furniture on the side instead of my current job (engineer)... I love reading your blog and seeing your before and afters. I have been inspired by your projects and have a few pieces in my garage right now that need to be redone. :)

Reading this post made me feel better about being "stuck" in my day job. I don't feel so alone now.

I just had a daughter 5 months ago and I plan to tell her to make her own sunshine. Thanks for the idea! Keep up the awesome work you are doing.

momma_drea said...

Hey did Ashley ever tell you about the tattoo I want to get? It has a sun in it. :)