Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday Before and After plus Shower Idea!

Sometimes I run ac cross furniture and I really don't understand the logic. For example, this chest of drawers that a friend purchased. I don't understand the twelve knobs needed for opening the drawers.
Besides the knobs (which are unfinished by the way) the brown paint is really bad.

My friend is more of a shabby chic meets whimsical kind of person and this brown -twelve handled chest wasn't going to work so she asked for my help.

I know you cant see from my one and only picture of it, but I painted the frame white and applied textured wallpaper to the draw fronts. I painted the paper a light pink to make it a little more whimsical. All twelve holes were filled and four new ones were drilled in the centers where I added pink crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Cynthia was pretty happy with it and took it home today.

I was going to get better pictures tomorrow but she sounded excited to pick it up so I the only pic I had to show you was the one I sent her today .

On a different note:

We had a bridal shower for my best friends son and fiance this Saturday and it was so Great!! They had a great time and I was excited that they loved all the small details I added to the decor. I even added a little Curbside Creation to the mix which was one of the biggest hits of the shower!

My friend found this cabinet door in her neighbors trash and picked it up for me. I litterally just got this a week ago. Anyway, the other day as I was shopping at the dollar store, I came accross this decal and immedialtely thought to use it on the door.

I spray painted it an Ivory color I had on hand and applied the decal. This picture was taken before I added some light distressing to the corners with wood stain.

I couldn't belived that this sign that I paid $1 for went over so well. They loved it and to add to the idea, we had everyone sign the back of it and dated it for the new couple to hang in their home. Isn't that hysterical and Great all rolled in one!!

So there you go...maybe you can use this idea on your next shower or party!!

Oh and I never got a chance to work on my small table I showed you on Thursday (what else is new?). Hopefully I'll have something for you on Tuesday but don't hold your breath. Still got to get ready for Junkadoodle too. Busy, Busy, Busy!

See you later!



Megan said...

I really like the texture added to that dresser, so fancy and cute! That sign is such a great idea and what a deal! Clever!

Aurora said...

love the texture on the dresser. And what a very cute and creative idea for the cabinet door!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

so soft and pretty and thank goodness you fixed the weird knob issue! :)

Perfect Imperfections said...

Hi Rita. You have just been awarded with the Versatile Blogger Award! Your blog is an inspiration. To find out more about this award check out this post:

Kammy Wielenga said...

Rita, so pretty!!! like always! I just started a the FIRST EVER Trash to Treasure Tuesdays over on Kammy's Korner Link party and I would be so delighted if you would share this and any other projects you would like! Thanks!! :)