Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday Before and After plus Shower Idea!

Sometimes I run ac cross furniture and I really don't understand the logic. For example, this chest of drawers that a friend purchased. I don't understand the twelve knobs needed for opening the drawers.
Besides the knobs (which are unfinished by the way) the brown paint is really bad.

My friend is more of a shabby chic meets whimsical kind of person and this brown -twelve handled chest wasn't going to work so she asked for my help.

I know you cant see from my one and only picture of it, but I painted the frame white and applied textured wallpaper to the draw fronts. I painted the paper a light pink to make it a little more whimsical. All twelve holes were filled and four new ones were drilled in the centers where I added pink crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Cynthia was pretty happy with it and took it home today.

I was going to get better pictures tomorrow but she sounded excited to pick it up so I the only pic I had to show you was the one I sent her today .

On a different note:

We had a bridal shower for my best friends son and fiance this Saturday and it was so Great!! They had a great time and I was excited that they loved all the small details I added to the decor. I even added a little Curbside Creation to the mix which was one of the biggest hits of the shower!

My friend found this cabinet door in her neighbors trash and picked it up for me. I litterally just got this a week ago. Anyway, the other day as I was shopping at the dollar store, I came accross this decal and immedialtely thought to use it on the door.

I spray painted it an Ivory color I had on hand and applied the decal. This picture was taken before I added some light distressing to the corners with wood stain.

I couldn't belived that this sign that I paid $1 for went over so well. They loved it and to add to the idea, we had everyone sign the back of it and dated it for the new couple to hang in their home. Isn't that hysterical and Great all rolled in one!!

So there you go...maybe you can use this idea on your next shower or party!!

Oh and I never got a chance to work on my small table I showed you on Thursday (what else is new?). Hopefully I'll have something for you on Tuesday but don't hold your breath. Still got to get ready for Junkadoodle too. Busy, Busy, Busy!

See you later!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday and Feature!

Time for Thrown Away Thursday! For anyone new to my blog, this is where I basically show you a picture of something I found or picked up that can use a little sprucing up by way of a total transformation. I'll show the reveal on Tuesday !! So come back to see what it looks like after I've put some elbow grease into this little guy.
This table was a $2 find at a yard sale. I see possibilities but nothing screams at me just yet.

Also in other news! Remember my nephew Adrian's 3 Dimensional Desk that he designed and left it to his auntie to paint for him? Well today it's featured on "Roadkill Rescue"!!

Adrian's Desk Before:

Adrian's Desk After:

Thanks again and remember to link your email when you comment so I can reply back!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roadkill Rescue

Have you been over to Becky's blog "Roadkill Rescue"? If you haven't you NEED TO head over there and check out her stuff. She features all kinds of, in her words 'Roadkill', you know, basically my kind of treasures, and shows what you can do with it with a little imagination. A girl after my own heart!!

My little Rockstar table is featured there today, so stop on over and get lost in all the awesome transformations!!

or go straight to my feature here:

Rockstar Table Feature!


Tossed and Turned Tuesday-

StellaDallas Suit Case

I wanted to try my hand in completely gutting and modpodging an old suit case and when I stumbled upon this one, the ideas started rolling.
I realize this isn't a great picture with the shadow from the tree ;o but I think the paper and the trim were just what this old guy needed.
The materials I needed for this project was:
  1. Rustoleum's Metallic finish for the handle and clasps.
  2. Rustoleum's Gray for the trim- of course I don't remember which exact color because I tossed the can when I was done (sorry)
  3. Left over Ikea material from another project
  4. StellaDallas patterned paper (love)
  5. Mod Podge!! (what would my life be without you!)
I loved this fun under $10 project!! And although I'm not the sewing type (ain't that the truth), hot glue and spray adhesive worked wonders!
Let's take a look at this $2 beauty before shall we:

Again VERY busy weeks ahead so If I don't see you for a while, have a great week!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday - Suit Case

The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy for me so this will be a rather small transformation.

I picked up this old suite case with hopes of actually making it into a pet bed for the lovable adorable Reese. But for now I'll keep it simple before trying to construct a bed out of it.

Also I want to point out that when I walked up to the lady at the garage sale and asked how much she said "$2". Then a lady after me held up a toddlers Dora the Explorer shirt and said how much and she responded again "$2". I just got a kick out of how the two were priced the same and how she probably thought I paid too much! huh!

Have a great Thursday and remember Gray's Anatomy is starting back up this month!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Tossed and Turned Tuesday-
Mighty Blue Transformation!

Found this crazy blue oops paint, and decided I had to use it on my itty bitty bench! Because he's so small I figured he needed to POP! And this blue was the perfect way to do that. To add a little extra "oomph!" I decided to use a dark walnut wood stain to add in some stripes to contrast the electric blue.
Also sorry this is just a quick post! I've been swamped ALL weekend and haven't had a lot of extra time to do anything. I'll repost it again with better pictures. Happy blogging! :)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday - Itty Bitty Bench

If you like to go to yard sales like I do then you know there comes a time when you're at the last of your cash and you think to yourself "I've still got two bucks to burn". Well I do anyway and that's typically when I find pieces like this.

This seat is really really small. It actually looks bigger here but it's tiny and petite. Thinking it needs to make a powerful punch so come back to see it Tuesday!

And have a great Thursday. (Gosh can't wait for tomorrow!!)


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday - table and inappropriate attire!

This is next up on my list of "To Do's" for the weekend. Have to say with all the heat in Texas it's getting harder and harder to go outside especially after working a full day at work. And let's just say work isn't too pleasant these days. Some days it's just good when someone says more than two words to me :(

On another note, Ashley got in trouble for inappropriate attire at school. YES- it's only been five days into the school year. NO- it wasn't my top (but I do want to borrow it).

She said the reason she got in trouble was that it was showing, in their words "too much arm". It's a top I got her from NY& Co. that has straps, slightly bigger than a bra strap but not too skinny to be considered a spaghetti strap. Anyway they made her wear a purple honor society T-shirt to cover her up. Again, I thought she looked pretty but I guess what the hell do I know???

She honestly didn't look bad at all, I promise.

She said the nice thing about the T-shirt is that it felt like a big hug that she wore all day. Awww...what a way to look on the bright side :)

Should I be upset about this???

Thank goodness it's Thursday.