Monday, August 29, 2011

Just in case you were wondering where I've me not too far. I'm having my friend give my blog a much needed face lift but html hasn't been too friendly. But thank you anyway Susie for helping me out!!

She thinks she's pinpointed it down to an Internet explorer issue so if y'all can help me out and let me know what you see on my blog that would help. The left side bar should be on the left. If it's not would you please let me know? Right now I see it on the bottom but if I look at it through my husbands IPad, it looks just fine.

I wanted to post once everything was up and ready but to heck with it. I warned you that I'm impatient!!

While I've been twiddling my thumbs (yeah right!) I've also gotten my girls into their Freshman and Senior year in high school. Two separate schools, so that's been fun. I've also been elected for two committees at one school which I'm super excited about (Que "Grease" quote where Rizzo says "and we're gonna rule the school!" ) that's me right now. Good times!

Oh...almost forgot to mention the photo above. Thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my finally completed kitchen island. Remember I said the top needed something...well it got something alright. I'll be posting pictures of it in my kitchen soon. Think you'll LOVE it. I know I did and it's not too feminine which is a good thing around my house. feels so good to type again:)

Lastly, I have a question for you. Since I've been on a creative slump the past few weeks or as Ashley says "a hiatus", I've been blog hopping for inspiration. My all time favorite gal is Cassie (OF COURSE) where on Wednesday's I can go through her linky party and pick and choose from all of those creative geniuses for ideas. What are some good resources you go to when you're in the creative dump pool too? I want to see what I'm missing out there.

Hope you have a good Monday and I'll be back to show you my island soon.


Twice Nice said...

Your side bars on the bottom from what I can see. This techno stuff is so frustrating to me! Funny you asked your last question. I asked that same question today too! I'll play though, I have a magazine buying habit. Lots of Decor. and /diy mags. My current favorite, that I've dog-eared the heck out of is Country Collectibles #65, Decorating Shortcuts/Quick Updates. Very inspiring!

leah mari said...

im with ya on the hiatus thing! i cant wait to get creating again! :) just got the kids back in school too (well half) your blog looks very nice and its on the left like it should be. :) cant wait to see your island it looks amazing!

Megan said...

The blog looks good on my mac :) Loving how you are all involved in your daughters schools, I'm sure they love that! My obsession for inspiration right now is Pintrest!