Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday -
More End Tables?!?!?!

Yeah, I don't know what my deal is when it comes to end tables. I just have this fondness and think they are SO underappreciated.

I think if furniture could talk, nightstands and end tables would have TONS to say. They hold our drinks for us, our family photos, lamps for our reading pleasures, what books we read, they hear our phone conversations, they hear our thoughts when we talk in our sleep and how do we replay them??? We let them accumulate dust, get bumped and bruised, get chippy paint, and lose all of their wondrous appeal. I say "not on my watch"!!

Come back Tuesday and see if these white(ish), scraped, marked on, neglected tables make you look twice. I hope they will.

See you then,

1 comment:

Twice Nice said...

If I could find end tables that cute I'd' have a thing for them too! Looking forward to seeing you put some magic on them. Deb