Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday - $5 Friday Find

Dear Creative Juices,

I found this table last Friday and of course, you know I had to have it. The problem is my creativeness isn't speaking to me yet.

As you know, I write this series where I show my before pictures on Thursday and their reveal on Tuesday which means I only have the weekend to get it done and photographed. And remember I can't take photos Monday night either because I have a crappy camera that only likes to take good pictures midday and in the sun, but that's besides the point... sorry.

Anyway, part of the reason for this series was to challenge myself and also to try to inspire blog friends to get their creative juices flowing. But lately I've been feeling kinda low on the creative stream. I was hoping you could give me a jolt to see the possibilities with this table so I'll have an awesome outcome for Tuesday. Right now when I close my eyes, I only see my bed and pillows. This is NOT GOOD!

Thanks for listening and if you'd please send a picture or magazine article my way, I'd appreciate it.


ashlie said...

A table with such lovely straight lines would look great with some decoupage! I just covered a couple tables with comic book pages (haven't taken pictures for the blog yet though). I know that's not really your style, but maybe some decoupaged maps for a little texture and delicate colour? I used spray adhesive to stick the pages, then covered it with mod podge in a couple of layers to keep it stuck. I just want to spray it with some laquer to get a nice surface and it's good to go!

Twice Nice said...

I see something sleek, clean, and maybe stenciled (or your brilliant freehand painting) on. Sorry, no pics, it's just my visualization.
Good Luck finding your Mojo again!

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Wish I could help ya out but my creativity has come to a screeching halt...oh how I hate when that happens!