Friday, July 29, 2011

Knobs, knobs everywhere- but which one do I choose?

Today you're gonna get me on kind of a rant, but when it comes to topics that strike my fancy, the flood gates open my friends!!

Today, this topic is hardware. What's funny is when I first had Ashley I started to work for a hardware store and till this day, I swear I don't remember if we sold any knobs or drawer pulls. I'm sure we must have, but that just wasn't my thing then.

Now a days, I feel like my eyes have a honing device that go directly toward hardware when I see older furniture or walk into a store that provides such necessities.

Now the reason for my post is because I recently encountered a FREAKIN' AWESOME PIECE OF FURNITURE (for free I might add) and noticed it for it's...what...say it with me..."handles". Yes, that's correct. And when the guy said he'd give to me for free, I nearly cried. It was then that I realized how much I adore older pieces of furniture and the hardware that comes with it.
Don't get me wrong, I love buying newer pieces as well, but the mere fact of the intricacy, durability and craftsmanship that went into making these older pieces, simply amazes me!

This new piece I'm about to work on had these massive chunky handles. I have a thing for chunky...sorry. Anyway, I knew when I got it home, I'd be writing a post about these lovelies.

Here are my subjects: (oh and I made up the names of these handles/pulls by the way)

1. Scrolly- delicate pulls- I love these guys more than words and find them on lots of older furniture. The good thing with this type of pulls is you can paint them any color and they will always look beautiful. They are small enough that they won't engulf the whole piece but exquisite enough to act as a strong accent or pop of color.

2. The Massive Pulls- If these look familiar, you may remember seeing them on my china cabinet I named ABE after my grandpa. You can tell the smaller pulls on the bottom of this photo look a little brassier than the massive pulls. I took this picture after I sprayed the massive pulls with a metalic spray to show the difference. Much better, I think!

3. This is what I call my Darcy Handle- I know some of you are saying "what in the world is she talking about. I name stuff. I just do.
So yes, this is my Darcy handle and I named it so because of it's regalness. I think this could go on just about any piece of furniture and add to its value. I've only ever encountered this type of pull once or twice but since brass isn't my cup of tea, I think a nice rubbed bronze sets it off nicely. Again, not too big to over power, but big enough to make a statement.

4. Circle Pull- I don't know what it is about older furniture or if people back in the day were just more creative but they came up with some wonderful hardware! Not like a lot of what's on the market these days. I'm always curious to see what's out there and how it totally works with the furniture it's on. This was on my "roarin' 20's piece".

5. Mod Pull- This was on the freebie desk in my last post. Again, don't know when it was made but look at the craftmanship!!

I always, always try to use the hardware that is already on the pieces I find. For one thing, I'm frugal, not cheap, but I like to keep things under budget (this rule does not apply to coffee!!).

If I find a piece with a pull like this, it is staying on. It might get a little cleaned up, but it STAYS!

Here are a couple that I cleaned up a bit but still used!

As far as newer hardware, there are still tons of stuff out there that are beautiful in their own rite. My all time favorite come from Hobby Lobby. I'm a frequent customer there!! And yes I go when the hardware is half off or I have a coupon!

If you're buying in bulk, there are lots of online places that'll give you a good deal as well.

So the moral to my story is use what you've got!! If a piece already has great hardware, you can ALWAYS paint it to match your decor. You'll be amazed at how people (not us furniture redo-ers) will actually pay attention to it and compliment you on it. The rest of us will just be jealous of the fact that you own this awesome hardware and wish we had it first.

I hope you have a GREAT Friday and enjoyed my rant!



Twice Nice said...

Oh yeah, gotta love that hardware. I think of the 20 or so pieces I've done recently I only bought new for 1 of them. I think the old is gorgeous and usually better made!

Megan said...

Love how you name them, kinda like they are your family :) I usually keep the pulls on my drawers, they are part of the history of the piece! You always get the best free stuff, I need to move to your area!

Deanna said...

oh yeah!

I have baggies of hardware I have rescued.

We are in the process of refinishing a vintage tv/record player cabinet and some pulls were missing. I searched and searched and found them! on Etsy!! The exact ones!! I snatched them up quick as can be and thanked the seller profusely. She sells nothing but vintage pulls. *love it!*