Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday - Mad for Mod!

Let's start the soon to be weekend off right... shall we?

This is what I'll be working on - -

Isn't it great? It has castors as well but they fell off when I moved it so I'll have to work those back in somehow.

And in current news ...beep...beep...beep....I just joined own personal page. Couldn't do much with the one I have now. This one is all interacting and people actually carry on conversations with's amazing! Sorry I doubted you Dre! My sister's been trying to get me on there forever so now I'm on if you want to look me up. Here's my gmail for facebook Ashley set it up so it's linked to my business page(???) I don't get how that works but anyway, don't email me here, I never check it. If you want to get in touch with me directly use this

Ok, got to go have fun on Facebook!

Hope you have a good end of the week and look for me on Ross avenue if your around town Sunday!


1 comment:

momma_drea said...

You see folks she is hooked now. lol but I still love you..