Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday - Dumpster Divin'

I'm posting this early since I know I'll have a busy day tomorrow and wanted to at least cross one thing off my list!

I had to share the fact that I have good friends of mine dumpster diving too!! I thought it was awesome when my best friend Cindy brought this table to me that her husband found sitting by the dumpster at his job. It was probably a side table sitting in their break room but it looks pretty warn to say the least.

Regardless I have great plans for it. It's a sturdy, solid table and can go just about anywhere. How could someone get rid of it?? But hey, I'll take it. Look for it's reveal Tuesday. I think you'll want to come back for this one!!

See you soon...oh and just a reminder that this Friday I will be guest blogging at Cassie's blog - Primitive and Proper. I'M SO THRILLED!! All I kept saying to her was YAY!!!!

Rita :)


Megan said...

Your friends just know you so well! My friends are always sending me texts to let me know about great deals when they are out thrifting!

Nelly said...

Saw your post at P and P and am now a new follower.