Friday, June 10, 2011

White chair finds home with Katie!! Yay!!

She found a home! I made a special delivery to my friend Katie yesterday to drop off her new chair. It went perfectly with her vanity, don't you think? And check out that amazing chandelier lamp!!

Since this chair had such a low profile back, it was easily added to the already beautiful area! I'm so happy it found a good home!

Here it is before the make over:

And after:

I'm still amazed at the term "One man's trash is another man's treasure". I never see the items I find as trash. They just need to be looked at a little differently and cleaned up a bit.

There are so many wonderful finds out there if you just look. Heck I'll even look for you. You have no idea how many people I'm always on the look out for. In fact I've been wanting to add a "wish list" page so I can offer my services that way too. I could do the hunting for you. I may have to do that on my "hopefully" soon to be web page.

Speaking of, I was wondering, is there anything you've been wanting to see here? I've mainly kept my before and afters here since this was originally started for family and friends to see my transformations. But it's really grown, as have I, and have met so many great people along the way. Some of you with kids (Miss M.) I just want to pick them up and kiss their cute little round faces because I feel I know them already. I know that's a little strange but it's crazy how close you feel to people you've only met over blog land. Some of who you feel closer to than of some relatives(sad but true).

Anyway, before I get too heartfelt, if you stop by and think my Curbside Creations blog could use a little sprucing up, besides my color background which I want to change a bit, please feel to comment and let me know. I won't get my feelings hurt...promise!

Thanks again, and thank you Katie for giving this white chair a home. Oh and did I mention she's throwing a small party for me. Details on that soon!



Bonnie said...

We're buying a house soon, so I have a feeling I might be wanting your "wishlist" feature in the near future.

I met you last year at a flea market at Junkadoodle and was blown away by your adorable stuff - I'm really happy to be moving out of our tiny apartment so I can do some shopping (or try some sprucing up myself)!

Angelina @ April Violet said...

Such a sweet post! I <3 that chair it fits so perfectly there!!!
I have been following you for a while now *found you through better after* and I am amzed everytime you post the afters just amazed! You have such a gift!

Miss G said...

I'm so glad the chair found a good home! I came over to your blog today because my neighbor set out a pile of free older cabinet doors and I thought I'd see if you have any inspiration of how to transform them. I searched cabinet door and only came up with the liquor cabinet (very cool piece by the way) but thought I'd comment in case you had any ideas up your sleeve. Kelly

Rita said...

Bonnie - just send me your wishlist and I'll keep my eye out!!


oh and send me your email address ~

Megan said...

That chair looks perfect with the vanity! I love coming to your blog, it's great to share a passion for paint with someone :) I feel like we are bff and it's totally awesome to connect with people this way!! I look forward to reading your supportive comments and getting inspiration from your posts, totally makes my week!

BTW~ you totally need to friend me on fb {my personal page not a blog one} you are missing out on super cute pics of Miss M!!