Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not my typical post but had to share...

So this isn't my typical post but thought it was worth sharing for those of you who find humor in others misfortunes. Unfortunately I'm a poster child on that topic.

That said, here's my Redbox story:

The other day Ashley and I were going to return a movie to Redbox. On the way we were talking about how out of shape we are and how we dread the way our jeans fit, etc. You know, typical mother daughter talk. It was Fathers day so I had on a pair of my "best" fitting jeans on. I told her that I liked these jeans because they fit around the waist and in the leg area which usually isn't the case, and she also pointed out that they fit me quite nicely.

Well we get to the redbox and I get out to return my movie. As I walk up to the machine, I hear voices trying to get my attention . I look in the direction of the voices and see a car with these guys all waving me down. So (of course) I turn around to see Ashley sitting in the car and give her the wink and nod of "YESSS... I still got it!!!!".

With that I insert the movie and strut my hot self back to the car. Ashley and I are smitten and look at each other with the nod of approval. My nod, because I'm a hot mama, and her nod , I can only guess because she knows she is blessed with her mothers genes, right

NO... not right. I look up at the machine and see my movie going in...and out

Apparently these guys weren't getting my attention because I'm a hot chic....NO...they were just trying to tell me that the redbox machine wasn't working.

s i g h o f d e f e a t

I looked at Ashely and said "I'm not hot...the machine is broken". She looked at me and hugged me and said I was hot in her eyes.

OH and just so you know... the movie finally went in. Thank goodness I didn't have to get out of the car again!!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and make your own sunshine!!


Victoria said...

Oh I bet you are still a hott mama! That is why there were nice enough to tell you! :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that so sounds like something i would have done!!! awesome, rita!

Angelina @ April Violet said...

I gotta agree with Victoria, it was an opportunity for them to make conversation with you. I saw your shorts post, I think you're a hott mama ;)

Rita said...

you guys are awesome! Thanks for the vote of confidence! And I have to agree with Victoria and Angelina, those silly guys, trying to use the broken redbox machine to get my attention. They tried to pull a fast one on me...

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

I see you grabbed the button! Although it sounds like you are hot in person too :-) They just chickened out and used the movie as an excuse!

Megan said...

Oh man! I think you're a hottie!! {great story though!}