Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday ~ Tarana's Chair~

Man this week is flying by!

If I haven't mentioned it already, I met this lovely girl who offered to create a website for me in exchange for some chair refurbishing! Uhhh...HECK YESSS!!

She gave me one of her toss pillows from her sofa. Her only hope was that I could take her existing cane back chair and give it an India inspired transformation.

Her sofa is red so this gold and red pillow really made my mind swirl with ideas!!
Come back Tuesday to see the this chair go from drab to India Inspired FAB!!

See ya later and happy "Grey's Anatomy Night" Thursday!


Megan said...

ooohhhh soooo excited to see it!!

Aurora said...

beautiful pillow - i can't wait to see the results!