Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday ~ Sad Nightstand

Happy Thursday! Yay the weekend is almost here!!!!

(true story) on Saturday as I was driving along the neighborhood streets, a whisper spoke to me, saying "Turn this way". Well I had to do it right... Then I heard "hey over here". Low and behold there was a garage sale right down that street. I didn't' see anything that struck my fancy so I did what I usually do when nothing really stands out... I drive by really fast! I didn't feel so bad because Lord knows I can stand to save money right now and avoiding temptation would be a good thing. But then I heard the voice again.

It said "hey come back forgot me". All I could do at this point was turn around. So I did. That's when I saw her. This little nightstand sitting sad and alone at the garage sale I had just passed.

I couldn't just leave her there so I got off and asked the lady "how much?". She said "Two dollars". Two dollars is well in my budget so I took her!! I think I actually saw her smile. Well her because she knew she would get a makeover soon, and the lady because she thought she just sold me trash for two bucks!

Come visit me on Tuesday and see how she looks now!



Megan said...

Oh man, I get the same voice telling me to visit my favorite thrift stores :) That would be how I ended up with my dining room table, ha! She's a cute lil table, can't way to see her all done up!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

ah, the voice.... that furniture crying out to be loved again! so glad you heard it!

V @ Invaluable Valuables said...

Wow what a fabulous little piece .... great find !