Monday, May 09, 2011

My Mother's Day Story

This isn't your typical Mother's Day, heartfelt, "I love you Mom" Story. Just want to give you fair warning. No, this however, is a true story of what happened today.

I thought it would be a nice change from my before and after photos even if it embarrassed the hell out of me. Ok, ok, that and the fact that my coworkers asked me to post this for the world to see.

So here it goes:

Today at work I got a call from Ashley.

Ash: Hi mom, my principal wants to talk to you.
Me: How come (thinking it has to do with how awesome my child is)
Ash: apparently my shorts are too short.
Me: WHAT???
Ash: Yeah she said, they aren’t appropriate for school.
Me: Well what the heck kind of shorts are you wearing????!!!
Ash: Yours…

I don't think I've cringed so fast in my life as she handed the phone to the Principal. I was mortified.

Here are the infamous shorts~

Thank goodness she could roll them down to the appropriate length (2" above the knee). OH and yes those are the pre-torn shorts that I bought at the Gap. The Principal also mentioned the fact that they were torn. Good heavens I couldn't win.

Hope you enjoyed it. (Delia, Amanda and Leah you owe me one for this)



MMB Creations said...

that is just too funny!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i just read that aloud to my husband because i thought it was such a great story!!! thanks for sharing and making me laugh!

Cindy said...

Shame on you for setting a terrible example for your child, you hussy you! So funny!

Amanda said...

Ha! That's fantastic!

Megan said...

That is the best mother's day story ever!! Hilarous!

Deanna said...

ha! been there.

Last year my then 1st grader shouted "What the Hell?!" when the class next door cheered. And the classroom walls do not go to the ceiling so everyone from classes all around heard it.

Although several teachers assured me they have heard worse from the kids. Hubby thought it was hilarious that the 1st grader mimicked me. Principal did not.

Olivia said...

that is hilarious. those aren't nearly as short as i had envisioned!

Lisa said...

Too funny! But a real struggle's hard to find (Juniors) shorts in the stores that aren't indecently short. Don't the store buyers read the school dress codes? Seriously!