Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Regal Chair

Not my usual Tuesday/Thursday post but I just felt like blogging today. Actually I feel like venting but blogging about something I love to do will work for now~

Introducing this chair I found at a thrift store the other day. I love the character this chair has. The guy at the counter who sold it to me had this look like "are you sure you want this ugly chair"? It's funny the looks I get from people who don't really know me. I look at piles of trash and you'd think I found a pot of gold!! It wasn't hard to transform this chair into this with left over paint and fabric I had from Dana's chair, not to mention I didn't spend extra for it either. I'm all about frugal, people!! This picture shows the color of the fabric better: and I'm not a leg person either but look at these will you?? I mean ...simply gorgeous! Ok, that's it for my post for today...OH except for ONE LAST THING!!

I met a girl at junkadoodle and we got to talking about her dog rescue and how I have two rescue dogs. She gave me her card which was SO cute. It's a cartoon character of her in a dog suit. Cute huh? Anyway if your interested in rescuing a dog, cause we all know there are dogs in desperate need of rescuing, cats too, go check her out. If she's not in your area, she can help you find a local rescue group. I love people who love to help!!

Check her out or leave her a comment.

As always, Thanks!!


Sarah's Salvages said...

Great lines on that little chair, nice makeover!

Katie said...

I love that little regal chair!! Soo cute! Or should I say handsome! =)

Miss G said...

I just found your blog and I just moved away from Dallas. I loved going to junkadoodle. Since I have bought my first home in my new city and need more furniture than I have had I am beginning to undertake my first "curbside creation" projects. I have not gotten anything curbside yet but did manage to land a couch at an estate sale and a set of four shield back chairs at an antique mall for cheap. I will be reading on for more inspiration. Thanks! Kelly