Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to Pets (and furniture)

Because I'm the creative of sorts and as I plowed through old photos, I found that the pets in my life deserved their own poem! So here it goes, and Happy Friday Everyone!

Oh, dearest of pets how you roam,
never doing quite what you are told.

I'd like a picture of this chair if you don't mind.
Tubby, not the side of your lovely behind.

Here's a table that is in need of some work!
So of course, Reese, that's where you'll lurk!

A new desk to fulfill a boy's hopes!
...Hey who taught Kunu the ropes?

I think this angle is a much better view...
...oh crap, got the cats legs passing through!!

Look at these two tables my sister bought.
...ugh, will someone get the dogs out of my shot!

I'll have to scootch Tubby from side to side.
It's worth it right? That my arms just died.

Reese, you are the fairest indeed,
Just get out of my pictures...PLEASE!

So dear pets this poem is to say,
I love you but get out of my way.
and the next time I find you on my table top
you've been are soon to be cropped!


Sammy said...

Awesome poem, it still amazes me how you're able to come up with one...this poem would've taken me days to put together and you probably threw it together in 5 minutes, amazing!

Deanna said...

too funny!!
I have the same problem with my 3 yr old getting in each shot!