Monday, April 25, 2011

Kunu - our cat!!

Meet Kunu...our newest family member.

Kunu was a stray cat that found his way into our lives (just like they all do). Now I must say I'm highly allergic to animals and my family, bless their hearts, are not. So we end up in situations where if they live and breathe and don't have a home, they end up with us.

I don't mind (the dogs) but the'm still on the fence. Of course I'll be sneezing and have itchy eyes on this damn fence...but family is happy...right?

This picture is of Kunu on Sammy's lap. They are in love!

I know who can resist that face, huh? (me that's who)

I have to admit I tried to get rid of him but he kept coming back and Tubby cried. See what I mean. Tubby is fascinated by him.

Now in case you're wondering here is a little Q&A about me and Kunu:

Q: Are you a cat person at all?
A: No, never have been.

Q: Are your allergies flaring up from the cat hair:
A: No for some odd reason. I keep waiting for them to overcome me but nothin'.

Q: Were you hoping that they would so you could lose the cat?
A: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't welcoming the idea. But then again when I told my family they were going to kill me with him...they didn't seem to care...but I'm not bitter.

Q: Do you think it's a sign from God that you are not allergic to Tubby or Kunu?
A: I definitely think there is some divine intervention going on here!!

Q: Does Kunu seem to sense your dislike and stay away?
A: Not at all. He comes right up to my face and puts his nose to my cheek. When I go to bed he tries to come to my pillow. He has a death wish I think.

Q: Do the dogs all get along?
A: NO...Tubby is fascinated by him. He loves to watch him. Reese on the other hand... not so much. She told me the other day that she'll allow him in her house on her terms and only because he's a boy. In her eyes, Kunu is more competition for Tubby, thus leaving her to be alpha girl and still in charge. Oh and he can't sleep anywhere Reese sleeps. He is forbidden.

Q: Do you think Kunu will find his way into your heart?
A: Yeah suffice to say, I have a big heart when it comes the neglected, even if they come in cat form.

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momma_drea said...

that was so cute. love it.

Megan said...

Awww, cute kitty!! Ours was a stray too, my hubs HATED cats, so I snuck her in....guess who her favorite is?!!? Not. me. Traitor cat :)

Aurora said...

The sacrifices we make for our family! i'm not much of a cat person myself. but we do have 2 little house dogs. i've always been an outdoor dog person and only one dog at a time. But our youngest is a big animal person and now we have 2 of these and guess whose bed they sleep on? yep - mine. they are sweet though...

Deanna said...

You crack me up. You do understand that eye contact is a big thing, right?
Is everyone else looking at the cat and talking to it and you trying to stay away (and not looking at it)? In cat terms, the cat sees you as low in the pecking order.
Also they have scent glands on their cheeks. By rubbing its cheek against your cheek (or your ankle, etc), you are being marked and claimed! Embrace it!

Elisha said...

aawwwww. I have a tendency to take in the strays as well... they just come out of the corn field somewhere and land on my back door! Then i get waaay too attatched and Ive found that most the tom cats eventually move on to the next home... then I worry about them and am all sad for weeks! :) Guess its better to love than to have not loved them at all!