Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday- Bottomless Chair

I was going to do another set of tables for you guys but I thought I'd give you a break since you know I have a thing for my small tables! In fact, I dreamt last night that I picked up a couple of awesome tables at a garage sale. I was so mad when I woke up! Sad I know.

*On a side note, have you ever seen Nightmare on Elm Street where the girl can grab something from her dream and bring it out with her into real life. Well I've actually tried that in my garage sale dreams (even sadder!!.. I Know!!)

I found this little chair at a thrift store for a few dollars and thought, what the hell, I can do something with the missing bottom, Right??? I guess we'll have to see now won't we.
We'll see if I have mad weaving skills. See you later, Rita :)


momma_drea said...

1, 2 freddys coming for you.. haha cant wait to see what you do with this. luv you.

Faith said...

Rita, I found a chair like in the trash a few years ago. Unfortunately, I can't weave lol, but I cleaned it up, painted it and used it as a planter. A big flower pot fit perfectly in the hole in the seat. Just an idea. :)