Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tossed And Turned Tuesday- Sun SHINY Table!

StellaDallas Paper + Retro Magazine Table + Paint + Imagination = Inspiring Bright Table!

At least that was what I was going for anyway! I haven't used a technique like this one before where I make the paint and PAPER look like it's always been on the table. I hope it looks that way to you.

I went to StellaDallas again last weekend and visited with the awesome girls there. I picked out a few sheets of paper and this one actually wasn't one I had in my hand. Amber (owner) drew my attention to this one so I picked it up too thinking I'd use it eventually. After looking at this sad little table when I got home, I couldn't decide what paper to use so knowing my deadline was basically TODAY, I figured I'd paint it first to see how it looked painted.

I had a small can of oops paint in stock that looked gray but the only problem with oops paint is it doesn't always come out the color you think it will, so mine looks more blue than gray but in the light it looks bluish-gray (good enough for me).

When I put my paper samples next to it, the yellow just popped, so I went with it.
NOTE! When applying paper DON'T do it outside in the wind. It was just so gorgeous outside that I didn't think about it and what happened? The one sheet of perfect paper stuck all over the place.

Why was this was a blessing in disguise? Because before I tossed it, I noticed most of it could be saved but it also left these little wrinkle marks on the paper that made it look aged. That set the tone for the whole table. I cut pieces of salvageable paper and repasted it to the table. Then I went to town with the sand paper and Voila! This little table was reborn.

Here it is BEFORE:

and AFTER:

I can sort of see this sitting in a sun room next to a big comfy chair, holding some magazines. I think it just brings the sunshine in.
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MMB Creations said...

Really cute table. I would not have thought to put those colors together, but they are great.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it turned out so cute, rita! i love what you did with the top of it!