Monday, February 28, 2011

For Angie...(she's been stoned)

You've probably heard me talk about stuff I've done for Angie before right? Well when she found this cabinet, I was flattered that she asked me to do something with it.

It is just your normal particle board cabinet that would look great in any restroom but I had something different in mind when I thought of where she lives.

Angie and Josh live in Downtown Dallas in this awesome industrial looking loft. The beams are visible and the bricks have been there for years and years, so in my eyes, this cabinet should look like it was made for the building. You can see from the photo below that there were attempts to paint it before I got it.
Thank goodness we're friends because I told her I wanted to make it look like it was made of stone or cement and she said "ok". This is what I came up with. Does it look industrial to you?

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see who'll win the contest that ends tonight.

Oh and here's a little teaser... it's not at all pink like I had envisioned it.

Can't wait to see if ya'll love it or hate it~

See you tomorrow,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crap...I didn't realize it's Thursday! Thrown Away Thursday's Headboard.

Isn't she nice...and...brown..with umm...wood veneer....and oh sleek? Sorry I don't know how to describe this headboard. Don't get me wrong it is nice but still lacks some character don't ya think?

Oh and I forgot it was Thursday so I just got home from getting my hair cut off. It feels wonderful.

So, since I feel great after having my big hair cut off I've decided to hold a small contest. Let's see how many of you actually do read my blog.

If you're up for getting a Starbucks/Barnes and Noble gift card (your choice) from me, comment and give me three adjectives you'd use to describe this headboard. I'll use Random number to select the winner. If you're not selected but I absolutely love your adjectives of choice, you may just get something from me too!

It feels so good to feel a few pounds lighter!! Thought I'd spread the joy! Oh and the contest ends Monday and the winner will be annouced on Tossed and Turned Tuesday when I reaveal the headboard.

Thanks and Goodnight,
Rita :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tossed And Turned Tuesday- Andrea's Furniture!

Welcome back! Today I'll show you how what you see isn't always what you just need to use your imagination.

Thursday I showed you a couple of projects I had for my sister. We found a couple of night stands that didn't quite match, one of which I made into a chalkboard nightstand for my nephew that you can see here, and the other was going to go in her living room.

This is the pair of new living room fixtures "AFTER":

I took two different finished pieces and painted them to match!
And gave those old brass pulls a dark brown finish. (oooh much better on the eyes!)
So here is the old night stand and cart before:
Now forgive the flash but the room was dark... Here is the new Side Table (which holds her DVD's perfectly) and coffee table that tie the room together quite well.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you have to look with a different set of eyes when finding something functional for your home. Consider space if it's an issue as well.
I'm gonna stop now because typing right under this carpet picture is starting to give me Vertigo.

Hope you have a great day!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

I was awarded the Stylish Blogger award by two very sweet girls, Holly and Katie. So thanks for thinking of me!! :)

Here are the rules to the game:

1.Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award up to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

So here we go, seven things about myself:

1. I can't cook to save my life but make really awesome desserts!
2. I am a chocoholic and believe that chocolate should be one of the major food groups.
3. I love coffee and and my favorite Starbucks drink is a Grande Vanilla Nonfat With Whip Latte.
4. I'm a morning person and prefer early mornings to late nights!
5. I can understand Spanish really well but can't speak a lick of it (even after three years of Spanish class) :(
6. I thrive on self help stuff; cheerleading; can do attitudes; ego boosting kind of stuff. I LOVE IT!
7. I want to open my own shop someday named of course "Curbside Creations".

I'm adding one because I think it's funny and so "ME" but I speak for my dog Reese and have given her a speech impediment. haha

Ok now on to sites that are totally cool and deserve the award:

An Olive A Day (my sister's blog)

Miss Madison's Charmed Life

Uniquely Chic

Creative Art & Design

DeJa Rene

Fab Shabby Roses

Karen Cooks - makes me hungry!


Chrissie's Collections

A Creative Life

Pink Paper Pepperments

Kre8tive Life

Kammy's Korner

Ok that's all I've got for today. Go check out these cool girls for me!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday- two for the price of one!

Look what we found for around ten bucks total!

I'm currently teaching my sister how to garage sale shop. She's learning that what you see isn't necessarily what you get. Also what was used for one thing can totally be used for something else.

Come back Tuesday and see what I have in store for this nightstand and cart!!
See you then,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tossed And Turned Tuesday- Sun SHINY Table!

StellaDallas Paper + Retro Magazine Table + Paint + Imagination = Inspiring Bright Table!

At least that was what I was going for anyway! I haven't used a technique like this one before where I make the paint and PAPER look like it's always been on the table. I hope it looks that way to you.

I went to StellaDallas again last weekend and visited with the awesome girls there. I picked out a few sheets of paper and this one actually wasn't one I had in my hand. Amber (owner) drew my attention to this one so I picked it up too thinking I'd use it eventually. After looking at this sad little table when I got home, I couldn't decide what paper to use so knowing my deadline was basically TODAY, I figured I'd paint it first to see how it looked painted.

I had a small can of oops paint in stock that looked gray but the only problem with oops paint is it doesn't always come out the color you think it will, so mine looks more blue than gray but in the light it looks bluish-gray (good enough for me).

When I put my paper samples next to it, the yellow just popped, so I went with it.
NOTE! When applying paper DON'T do it outside in the wind. It was just so gorgeous outside that I didn't think about it and what happened? The one sheet of perfect paper stuck all over the place.

Why was this was a blessing in disguise? Because before I tossed it, I noticed most of it could be saved but it also left these little wrinkle marks on the paper that made it look aged. That set the tone for the whole table. I cut pieces of salvageable paper and repasted it to the table. Then I went to town with the sand paper and Voila! This little table was reborn.

Here it is BEFORE:

and AFTER:

I can sort of see this sitting in a sun room next to a big comfy chair, holding some magazines. I think it just brings the sunshine in.
Thanks again for visiting,

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Results Are In~

I got second place which means a free workbook at a value of $59.00. Which will be great seeing as how I signed up for my spot on "The Declaration Of You". I'm excited. It would have been nice to win a free spot but Oh well, I gave them a run for their money!

Thanks again everyone!

If you want to check out Michelle Ward's website where she truely makes a difference in creative lives(like Me) click on this link: Michelle Ward the When I Grow Up Coach !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday...AND A PLEA!

First of all, I found this little guy at a garage sale when I was SUPPOSED to be helping my sister find furniture for her new place. I have NO IDEA what to do with it. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to hearing them!

Now for my PLEA!

I'm trying to win a contest with Life Coach Michelle Ward! She is AMAZING and if my photo wins (most comments wins) then I get a free spot in her course "Declaration of You". Which let me say, I'm dying to be involved with. She helps creative types steer their way to their passion and creative purpose in life. Not her words exactly, but mine!

Here's what you have to do. Go to this link:

you will have to join the group by using your flikr account, gmail or yahoo account. My photo is the penguin photo. Just need a comment and your done. I'm in second place right now and the contest ends tonight so go there today...PLEASE!!

By the way Pierre (guy in the photo) is her mascot. Thanks and this means very much to me.


Rita :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Curbside Bench

Here it is...the little bench I found on the side of the road only now it looks like I bought it from an actual store!

Again, here it is Before:

And After:

Now you may have seen some things around my blog that resemble this piece in color and material but that's the point. I used what I had. Also you may notice in the "before" photo, the broken bottom of this bench. One thing to remember before you pick something up off the curb or anywhere for that matter, is to make sure that the piece is in good shape. In this case the broken part didn't do much reinforcing. It pretty much hung there and was easily removed. I just filled in the holes with wood filler and sanded down the rest.

I made sure it was stable first or else I would have gone ahead and replaced it.

Total cost of this bench:
Bench- Free (picked up from curb)
Material- Free (used scraps from previous project)
Paint - Free (used left over paint)

Curbside Creation- Priceless!

Thanks for coming back to visit and welcome new visitors from Mod Podge Rocks.

posting here:

Saturday, February 05, 2011

For Adrian...

My sister found two night stands at a garage sale the other day for $15.00. They don't match but we didn't need them too. We knew one would go in the living room as a side table and the other would be my nephew's night stand for his new room.

I get free reign on her stuff, one because I'm her older sister and two... well because I'm her older sister. She let me decide what color to make Adrian's night stand so since there isn't a "theme" to go along with, I decided on baby blue and black. The cool thing about his night stand is has chalk board sides as you can see from the photo above.

Here it is before:

And after:
Had to get a quick shot of it before the sun went down so my lines aren't perfect but you get the idea. You can see my sister standing on the side blocking the setting sun.

How fun and cool is this.

His friends will be so jealous! I'm so proud to be the cool Aunt right now!

See ya later,

Thursday, February 03, 2011

For Gia...

OK guys, this is my second post of the day~

I haven't done a makeover quite like this before but I had so much fun doing it! My friend Dana was going to get rid of her old changing table that belonged to her son. Well it just so happened that a coworker of my husband just had a baby girl and was in need of some accessories.

I hadn't seen this changing table yet but asked if she needed one and she said "yes". Here is the before photo of the changing table. You'll have to use your imagination as you can see I started painting it before I took the photo:

It is fine for a boy but not so much for a baby girl so I had to snazz it up a bit and give it some pink personality!
Here it is after. Just right for baby Gia. Oh and she LOVED it too! Well at least her mommy did. She just slept on me the whole time I was there. She is absolutely PRECIOUS!

I painted brown butterflies and some stitching.

I never got to do things like this when my girls were babies so I find it very fulfilling when I get to do a project like this one!
Gia I hope you love your new changing table!

posting here:

Thrown Away Thursday- Cubside Bench

This is truely a "curbside" find. I picked it up on the way to drop my daughter off at school.
And like every other time I've found something on the side of the road on our way to school in the morning, I get the infamous Brianna plea..."Please come back for it after you drop me off".

Ok, ok...but it if it's gone...

well it wasn't.

Don't forget to come back Tuesday to see it after I'm done.

Oh and today is my Birthday so you just may get two postings today, just because I want to!

Love ya,

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- TV trays


What I used:
Left over Green paint and AWESOME pom pom printed paper from StellaDallas. I used Mod Podge to cover trays with the paper. The only tricky part is since it is paper it starts to bubble up so I had to constantly push it down with (clean) hands.
I think they came out gorgeous but what can I say!!

Hope this Tossed and Turned Tuesday was worth the wait, and what makes it even more special is we have a snow/ice day here in Irving, Tx. So I'm writing this in my PJ's drinking coffee. I LOOOVE it!!

Have a great Tuesday!