Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tossed And Turned Tuesday- Mia's Pink Frame!

With frames all over the place, I had to do one for myself, and it was easy~

Remember this ugly frame from last week? White (well almost) with yucky flowers hot glued to it? Yeah, it's been staring at me for a while now and I didn't quite know how it would work as a "frame" per se, however with all the tutorials about using frames as hair bow holders all over blog land, man I knew that's what was meant for this guy!

I called my sister-in-law to find out what little Miss Mia had her new room decorated in and she said it was in her favorite colors: pink and purple. So I'm hoping it will hang perfectly on her wall. Especially when she sees how her bows will go on it. I even bought her a couple for it.

So moral of today's story:

White frame with yuck flowers glued on: Not so much!

Pretty in Pink frame, with a "less is more" approach: Darling~

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be busy this weekend TRYING to get projects accomplished if the weather allows or you can find me on the curbside which is what Sammy will be doing if I don't get some stuff outta here.

Oh and did I mention I have this HUGE desk in our Explorer which he refuses to drive. But I have to move stuff around so I can take it out of there...yeah...yeah...you know the story.
Wish me luck! Need to sell some stuff --quick!

See you Thursday,
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Aledia said...

Gorgous!!! I shall have to transform one of mine now :) Thank you for the inspiration and have a great night!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

That frame is fabulous, the scroll work on the top makes is so girly and now with the color it's the perfect bow holder!! I heard maybe snow on Thur. {I sure hope not!} I'm tired of first snow, then freezing temps, then rain! How's a girl going to get anything done??

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Hi Rita,

I have no idea how I never stumbled across your blog. Love all your redos and I love the name of your blog, perfectly fitting. Like you, I love a good find and changing it up. I'll be following you....Sue

Ellen said...


Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

How adorable! I'll bet your niece loves it so much!