Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrown Away Thursday - Little Green Chair That Could

This chair was given to me by a coworker. He said he was getting rid of some furniture and this chair was on the list. He didn't remember how old it was exactly except that it used to belong to his wife and was a child's desk at one point.

I (who would have thought) fell in LOVE with it! I love it, love it! I especially love the duct tape that runs down the middle of it. He said there's a small crack that would pinch his daughter when she was little so they put the duct tape to prevent that. (Isn't that so cute!)

I just got this chair on Sunday a long with the big desk that currently resides in my Explorer. I couldn't wait to fix it up!

Oh by the way, I made my first Etsy sale yesterday. Yay!

Ok, see you later,


MMB Creations said...

Love the chair. Check out my story:

MMB Creations said...

Great chair. Check out my story:

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Rita, girl you do have a soft spot for all unloved furniture :) Can't wait to see the results! yay for your first etsy sale!!

KATHY said...

Love the cute little chair!!!