Friday, January 28, 2011

For Cindy...

It started with this Craigslist ad:

...and my friend named Cindy. She needed a red table to put by her chair in her room and it needed to be red, have drawers for storage and look a little distressed. Did I mention she's my best friend and I love her with all my heart...even though I call her Miranda Priestly. If you've seen The Devil Wears Prada, picture the "drop everything and do it now" tone and look,
and add it to a lady with a big 'Ol Amarillo heart!! Wow that's a lot to imagine but it sums her up.
Her mom is the 'Best Jam and Buscuit Maker in Amarillo' if that tells you anything about her upbringing (Hi Nana!) so you know she is special.
Where was I...oh yeah...she needed a table/cabinet of some sort so I was on the prowl.
I searched craigslist one day and found this CHEEP, sorry I meant Cheap table. A whole two dollars. I took a picture of the ad so you would believe me when I said two bucks.
Of course I bought it!! Here it is in it's rare form:

Now after two cans of Valspar Red paint. I bought three but two did just fine. I spray painted it all over. I normally would have done regular paint but it didn't work well on this piece nor give it the depth that the spray paint gave it.

See what I mean. Look at these drawers!!

And here it is after the coats of spray paint, faux glaze that I tinted black and new black handles to match!

Let's see if it fits the bill. She said she loved it but it still has to get her husband Rod's approval. Then I'll be satisfied.
Hope you like it,


Katie said...

Those are the kind of deals I dream about! It looks awesome!

Chrissie said...

What a deal! The table looks awesome, I am sure Cindy is thrilled!

Dawn said...

OMG, I saw that post on Craigslist, and for some reason passed it by - now I know why - its because you did it PERFECTLY!!! I adore it!!!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

2 bucks! Wow, that's crazy!!! It's gorgeous, she's so lucky to have a friend like you :) Hope your getting in some good painting while the weather is nice this weekend!!

Cindy said...

Miranda Priestly here (a/k/a Cindy). Rod and I love the side table, thank you Rita! I laughed when you said it had a marble top or something. It's slate and it is truly beautiful! (Rita has never been much into nature, things grown or of this earth.) Thank you for your kind words, wonderful friendship and your amazing talent!

Ellen said...

WOW! it is great....smiles.