Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 In A Nutshell

The biggest and saddest part of my 2010 memory will be the passing of my grandpa - Popo. He was the biggest male influence on my life having been raised without a father. I miss him terribly but smile every time I think of him. I remember as a child, us buying him a license plate cover that read "let me tell you about my grandchildren". I've come to terms with it being his time to go, but have to chuckle every time I think of our poor Lord having to hear all of Popo's stories of his grandchildren.
This was one of his last photos at a Mav's game this past year.

My niece and nephew Adrian and Alyssa joined the Panthers Football team this year. I went to their games and anyone who knows me can only ask the question "WHY?". I hate sports and being outdoors. I only did it for these two. They can never tell me I don't love them now can they~

Reese was surprised to get a new addition to the family. Her new brother Tubby. Can't say that she liked it at first and if she had her way he'd be out on the streets. But she allowed him to stay and has taught him the ropes around here.

Now on to Tubby:
He was pretty sad looking when we adopted him. He was underweight, had heartworms, never had a hair cut...well you can pretty much imagine the rest.

Here he is a couple of days after we got him in April:
This next photo was taken last month: (quite a difference)
Ashley, my oldest baby girl turned the big 17~
She's going to learn to drive this year (Lord help us) and as you can tell from the picture she "makes her own sunshine". Love this picture, it shows her true character.

Brianna is my Baby (Baby girl). She hates pictures of herself -as do I, but she posed for a picture with Tubby for me and I think it came out GREAT! Maybe she won't mind that I posted this one of her :)

Sammy and I celebrated our 16 year anniversary. This was about the only photo I found of us two. Told you I hate photos of myself. When I lose 20 lbs I'll take more I promise!!
oh almost forgot, pictures of our record snow fall~
I'm excited to start 2011. This year I'm not making lists or resolutions so to speak. I'll make some changes here and there but they'll be baby steps for sure! I just know that change is needed in my life and I believe in myself to make it happen.
Hope you had a great year and hope you'll stick around my Curbside Creations blog!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

You have a beautiful family! I'm scared for you having a GIRL learning to drive...boy I remember the first time I drove my parents car...let's just say I lost the drivers side mirror :) Oops! I'm sorry about your Popo, you're lucky to have had him so long, I lost all my grandparents as a teen and I wished they had been around to see my children.

andrea said...

I had not seen this till now. Very hard year for the both of us, but your was a lil harder. I love you and im here for you always. Your my best friend and thank you for being you. thank you for loving my kids like your own. Your the best sister.