Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Christmas Fun!

Christmas time!!

I'm breaking these down into parts because it'll get pretty lengthy.

First up- Pine Cone Centerpiece:

I took this .99 cent jar from Goodwill

and filled it with this .95 cent bag of pine cones

as well as one of these .99 cent Smith & Hawken glass rocks.

This was a very easy project for about $3.00.
Second, is my version of silver leafed NOEL letters:
I started by seeing these Noel letters everywhere that people made look like the one from Pottery Barn. I ABSOLUTELY loved them. I didn't want to totally take their idea so I decided on silver leafing mine. Since Silver leaf costs an arm and a leg. extra appendages I don't have, I decided to do my own thing (of course).

I apologize for not posting the tutorial but I can't find my pictures at the moment. Anyhow, here's what I did. Took the NOEL letters from Hobby Lobby @ $1.99 each. Found some old tissue paper. I had orange for some reason so I tore it to shreds, wadded it up and started decoupage it to the letters. When it dried, I spray painted the whole thing silver.


Third, and my personal favorite, only because I've always wanted to do this. Oh and my daughter thinks it's ugly by the way... is my ornament wreath.

I took the small wreath (.65 cents) and the angel wreath hanger (.95 cents).
Got out my hot glue gun (it has seen better days) and old ornaments that we aren't using this year.

Hot glued them all together (fun!!).

Last glued twine to cover the ugly gold wreath holder and viola!
More to come...
Merry Christmas,


Kammy Wielenga said...

Yes! Love these ideas! The wreath is cool and my friend has told me about doing something like what you did to your NOEL letters and nowwww I know what she's talking about. I think I'll just have to try that out. THANKS!! Looks awesome! And it also makes me so happy that you don't go out and buy new! New is for losers. haha. just kidding....


Sisters' Stuff said...

Very cute Christmas decor! I love the wreath too!

Skye said...

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Thanks for your time!