Monday, November 29, 2010

For Tony...

My father-in-law found this chest when he was moving. We don't know how old it is or what it was used for but he decided he was going to use it as his liquor cabinet. Just like old pieces I love, they seem to have secrets everywhere which makes the remake all the more fun!
This started out brown and worn and the look he was going for was black and masculine.
Here it is before:

1. The top is in two pieces and folds back at the top.
2. Inside has custom shelves with holes (??? interesting)
3. The right hand door has a lock and the left has a small latch that hooks onto the bottom of the shelf.

Here it is During:
1. shaved off and sanded the top.

2. This old paint would not come off and needed lots of hole filler and sanding :)
3. Here it is primed. I liked the color so I used it in the finished product.
Here it is After and in use:

~ Rita
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Aledia said...

Great Makeover! Have a blessed night!