Sunday, September 12, 2010

When My Magic Wand Is Broken

Sometimes I think the easiest projects turn out to be the hardest!
This is a cute story.

Do you remember me posting about my grandpa who passed away this year? Well he has a younger brother, my Uncle Simon whom I think the world of. He is the last surviving brother. During long visits at the hospital Simon and I would talk and it turned out he has a love of curbside finds too. That actually made me love him more. He said his wife and children sometimes can't believe the stuff he brings home. Boy do I know that feeling all too well.

Anyway, last week my sister came over and said that Uncle Simon sent me something he found. I was so excited I can hardly tell you. A few days later she said he had sent me this jewelry box ( rather large for a jewelery box) so right away I could see the possibilities!! My sister said that his children gave him a rather hard time for sending me a discarded piece of junk and his reply was "just wait to see what she does with it". That seriously tugged at my heart strings.

So, what happened you asked? What did I do with it? Well, sadly, nothing. You know that moment right before you fall down and you don't know how all of a sudden your on the floor (another feeling I know all to well). Well somewhere between me sanding it and holding on to the door, this happened.

I tried using Gorilla Glue, Hot glue, new little wooden tabs, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to work. See what I didn't know was that when the person who owned this before broke it, they glued it. Then when it broke again, it looks like they glued it again. Needless to say, it was a goner before I finished it off.

I feel like I let him down.

So Uncle Simon, just so you know, here's what I had in mind. It was going to be white. Off white actually and distressed in some areas. The inside would have material adhered to it which was a light green color with white shell like designs on it. The two inside shelves that you can't really see on the photo,were going to be painted white as well to match the outside. The end result, if the wand was working, was going to look quite elegant.
That's what I was going for anyway.

I feel bad that it didn't quite work out and I would have loved to show his kids what in fact he and I had in store. Maybe next time.

Sad but hopeful for our next venture,

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

rita! You totally are making me tear up!! That was a sad story, hopefully he will send you something again :)