Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I found these old trays I bought at a garage sale last year for $1.50 (for both). Honestly I forgot I had them. Since I want to have different price points at the flea market, I thought they would be fun to sell in my booth.

This before picture was taken after I had already stripped the snake skin print off of the top. Yuk, I know! You can still see the mess from the glue.

Not yuk anymore, huh? This is just black paint and left over scrapbook paper. Not bad for a few dollars!

And this guy is heavy wood and in great shape with the exception of paint spots.

I just painted it in all black and added toile tissue paper.
...and just a side note...tissue paper and mod podge create a wonderful end result but can be an evil process when the paper tears and you have glue all over your fingers.

If your in the Dallas area October 16, swing by Junkadoodle and say hello.
I'll be posting more of the items I'm selling soon.


Sparrow's Nest said...

wish I could find trays that cheap! I love trays. They are like the best thing to have around the house. I use them a lot :)

Tina said...

Fun! Where is Junkadoodle? I'm going to try to stop by.

Ellen said...

FUN trays....smiles.

Jhoanna's craft said...

i love your blog=)..its my favorite color!!i super appreciate people who recycle stuff and recreate it into a piece of art=)..way to go!

Rita said...

Thanks for all of your fun comments! I appreciate you stopping by!!