Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sofa Table

Aside from some cat claw marks this table wasn't in bad condition. It has soft enough wood that it sanded out really smoothly. I wasn't sure what to do with it until a friend showed me a desk she wanted to buy so I took the idea of her desk and tried it out here. Different colors but the same idea. I still haven't quite got the technique down but I'm working on it.

Sofa Table before:

and Sofa Table after:

This table will be available for sale at the flea market~
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Blue Washed???

So you've heard of "white-washed" right? I tried the same technique on this piece but with blue. I'm not quite sure "blue-washed" is a term but technically that's what I did.

The thing I like most about refurbishing furniture is I can try different techniques and it doesn't matter if I fail or not. I can always redo it differently. I especially like items like these that are free. This is when I get to look through my inspiration pages and try something I've been dying to do.
I'm going to work on a sofa table soon and think I'll try something along the same lines as this.
Rita :)
pardon the mess going on in these photos! I was cleaning up shop.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I found these old trays I bought at a garage sale last year for $1.50 (for both). Honestly I forgot I had them. Since I want to have different price points at the flea market, I thought they would be fun to sell in my booth.

This before picture was taken after I had already stripped the snake skin print off of the top. Yuk, I know! You can still see the mess from the glue.

Not yuk anymore, huh? This is just black paint and left over scrapbook paper. Not bad for a few dollars!

And this guy is heavy wood and in great shape with the exception of paint spots.

I just painted it in all black and added toile tissue paper.
...and just a side note...tissue paper and mod podge create a wonderful end result but can be an evil process when the paper tears and you have glue all over your fingers.

If your in the Dallas area October 16, swing by Junkadoodle and say hello.
I'll be posting more of the items I'm selling soon.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Lovely Equation

What do you get when you take a black crackled chest of drawers...

and subtract these hideous knobs...

not to mention layers and layers of black and green paint?

Well you get a great starting point. Now lets add white paint, a Dremel tool, dark stain and some awesome Navy blue knobs.

What you get is ... Rose.
She has great lines and detail that was covered up by all the crackle paint. You can barely see from my picture but there are vertical lines on the sides of her.
And the knobs are blue but again being an amateur photographer you have to do more imagining because (and not to brag) but my pictures never do my projects justice.

I'm going to sell Rose at the Junkadoodle Fleamarket next month.
I hope she finds a good home and someone who appreciates her new look!
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By the way this piece was inspired by my idol's at Sticks and Bricks. You can view their website through the link on my sidebar. I aspire to be as good as they are one day~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

When My Magic Wand Is Broken

Sometimes I think the easiest projects turn out to be the hardest!
This is a cute story.

Do you remember me posting about my grandpa who passed away this year? Well he has a younger brother, my Uncle Simon whom I think the world of. He is the last surviving brother. During long visits at the hospital Simon and I would talk and it turned out he has a love of curbside finds too. That actually made me love him more. He said his wife and children sometimes can't believe the stuff he brings home. Boy do I know that feeling all too well.

Anyway, last week my sister came over and said that Uncle Simon sent me something he found. I was so excited I can hardly tell you. A few days later she said he had sent me this jewelry box ( rather large for a jewelery box) so right away I could see the possibilities!! My sister said that his children gave him a rather hard time for sending me a discarded piece of junk and his reply was "just wait to see what she does with it". That seriously tugged at my heart strings.

So, what happened you asked? What did I do with it? Well, sadly, nothing. You know that moment right before you fall down and you don't know how all of a sudden your on the floor (another feeling I know all to well). Well somewhere between me sanding it and holding on to the door, this happened.

I tried using Gorilla Glue, Hot glue, new little wooden tabs, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to work. See what I didn't know was that when the person who owned this before broke it, they glued it. Then when it broke again, it looks like they glued it again. Needless to say, it was a goner before I finished it off.

I feel like I let him down.

So Uncle Simon, just so you know, here's what I had in mind. It was going to be white. Off white actually and distressed in some areas. The inside would have material adhered to it which was a light green color with white shell like designs on it. The two inside shelves that you can't really see on the photo,were going to be painted white as well to match the outside. The end result, if the wand was working, was going to look quite elegant.
That's what I was going for anyway.

I feel bad that it didn't quite work out and I would have loved to show his kids what in fact he and I had in store. Maybe next time.

Sad but hopeful for our next venture,