Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Happens

I've been away too long but not so much from home. That is, I've been away for too long from doing what it is that I love to do...FURNITURE!
The weekend mornings haven't been the same. The smell of paint isn't in the air and my sun room/workshop area is covered in cobwebs and well one more addition... a sweet chow named Tubby.
About a month or so ago we acquired a chow. He's seven years old and not in the best of health so technically we're taking care of him until he finds a home or at least is in better health. Truth is he's adopting us. He looks huge next to Reese (our Yorkie who rules the house). I was afraid at first and would never let them be close together. Now I can't help but laugh every time I go outside and she walks right up to him and stubs her nose right in his face. He even bends down to accommodate her. Then she taps her nose a few times on his and is on her way. I have no idea what she could be telling him but knowing her, I'm sure it's not good.
Anyway, long story short, I'm making my way back into the sun room and into my piles of STUFF. Along with Tubby I managed to get a few pieces of furniture in the deal. I'm pretty excited about that. Can't wait to post them.

I'll end with a picture of Tubby Tubby and Reese his boss!