Saturday, January 16, 2010

Antique Toy Box

I found this little piece at a flea market this past Summer and didn't know quite what to do with it. A Friend of mine was over the other day and saw it and said it looked like an old toy box and just needed a checkerboard print or something. Well it stuck and after that, all I could see in my head was an old antique toy box with a checkerboard print on top. It had to look old and distressed and the print had to be grayish or brown. Ya know, old looking.

Here is my finish product. I'm so excited that it came out exactly like I pictured it. I had better before pictures that accidentally got deleted so I just took pictures of where I last left off on my venture to change him up.
I took more photos of this transformation but until I know how to create a button that says "go here for tutorial" and sends you somewhere other than this home page, I'll just hold them in a little place on Google called PICASA. Plus I don't want this post to be huge, know what I mean?
I didn't post the inside of this piece but it is lined with some brown fabric I had left over. Trust me it looks awesome. The picture I took made it look green but it is brown and I promise it is pretty!
Oh and one more thing I intend to sell this as well. If you know someone who is interested, please let me know. The price isn't set yet but it will be soon.
>Wow I've really rambled...I'm just so excited.
OK, got to work on project #2 for today.

Rita :)

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall... are now the fairest of them all...or at least better than you used to be!

Now this before photo isn't that great and although it looks rather SHABBY CHIC, trust me it isn't. More like shabby-shabby. It needed some work, trust me.

The three things I used for this transformation are:
Left over black paint, gold leaf and elbow grease.

What were once Garage Sale worthy are now Mantle worthy, only not my mantle. I made them for someone else. They kinda looked good on my mantle though, huh?

Til the next time,

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Baskets for Shelf!!

Found these mismatched baskets at Michael's today. They were 50% off!! They looked like the right size for the shelf I just made so I bought three and some ribbon to cover the different color stitching.
I paid $3.00 a piece...
The ribbon was originally $0.99 but it was half off as well.
I hot glued the ribbon over the stitching.
So here's the shelf with new baskets~

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wallpapered Shelf

Hope everyone had a great year! Hard to believe it's 2010!

Last year was my first year to start blogging and it got pretty adictive. I created this blog so my family and friends could see my before and after creations. Didn't realize that other people would too and actually like the things I created. Needless to say it made 2009 better than I had imagined not to mention it gave me more of a challange for 2010.

This year I'd like to create more and sell more. The projects I do now are either mine or belong to close friends. I see some projects from other blogs now and think "WOW, wish I could do that". Wouldn't it be awesome to make a living at what you really, really love doing. That would be my perfect world!

So thanks again for checking in and I hope to "WOW" you with some of my projects~

Happy New Year,


This is a little project I did yesterday:

My friend Angie found this by the dumpster where she lives.

Then my sister Olivia gave me a book for Christmas called "Wallpaper Projects" which got the creative juices flowing so I used wallpaper trim I got from a thrift store for 50 cents and hadn't used yet.

I had to splice it so I could cover the back completely. I also painted it black to match the decor in my bathroom. Here's what I came up with.

It still needs something like some embelishments or something so let's consider this done for now! Not bad for spending less than one dollar !

Until next time,


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