Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hexagon Table

Here's a little story for you. My mother-in-law moved two weeks ago and we went over to help. While helping pack up I ran accross so many wonderful little pieces of furniture that I would love to get my hands on. One of which was this little table. I loved it becuase if its shape and especially the hole in the middle. I mean, what the heck is that about? I love it even though no one knew what purpose it served before landing on my In-laws front porch for the past year. So I asked her if I could have it and she was pleased to give it away.
This is a brave step for me because I'm going to post the before photo here and since I'm still working on it, I'll post the after photo when I'm done. The reason for the "brave" comment is because I have an idea for it but don't quite know how it will look when I'm done, or if it'll even work for that matter. So for now, here is the before photo and hopefully (crossing fingers) I can get the after photo soon and it comes out the way I envision it.

By the way the only thing I did when I took the photo, was sand the top. It pretty much looked that way when I got it.

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samgramof8 said...

So glad I found your blog on Today's Creative blog. I love "recycling" things too. I have heard of people putting things --like furniture--out for curbside pickup but it isn't allowed in our area. :^( I just have to content myself with thrift stores and garage sales. You might want to check out junkmarketstyle/junk-blog. I get a kick out of some of their creations. Keep up the good work--you have a great "eye" for the hidden treasure of a piece.
Thanks, Sam (Cassandra)