Saturday, July 25, 2009

Round Table

I put one of my first before and after tables on craigslist today because I don't have room for it anymore. I'm pretty sad about it...actually so sad I wanted to write about it. In fact blog about it. So this stirred up emotions inside of me that needed to be shared with others. And thus, this blog was born... Curbside Creations. My trash to treasures. My before and after's. My art~


randee said...

that turned out beautiful! i'd be sad to give that up, too.

great job -


The Harper Family said...

Beautiful table!!! I love it!

Margarita said...

That is so precious! Did you use a stencil?


Kimberly said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Todays Creative Blog. I seen this table over there, and totally love it!!! That really sucks that you had to get rid of it! I've been re-doing furniture for my son-to-be's nursery and I will be heartbroken the day he decides he wants to get rid of it!

Way cute table, and other stuff. You did a great job! :o)