Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Spool Love

Once upon a time, I used to be an avid garage sale shopper! That seems like such along time ago, although I’ve been out and about of late but can’t seem to find the awesome deals I did before. HOWEVER, there was this one time I picked up container full of these awesome vintage spools!! I had no idea what to do with them, only that they needed to be mine and so I bought them….and they sat…and sat…and sat some more. I’ve contemplated getting rid of them. Well I didn’t really, but people in this house suggested it a time or two and I won’t name names but it wasn’t me or Ashley.

Well the other day I decided enough was enough. I was going to use my beautiful, awesome, harmonious spools. And this is what I came up with.

I bought a 50 cent picture at a yard sale specifically for it’s frame which is not pictured here but this is the photo that adorned it:

photo 1 (2)

Beautiful right! Well I never let a sight like this deter me from seeing the bigger picture for such an object.

Enter: Material and spray adhesive!

photo 2 (2)

I literally found this one pillow case at goodwill for fifty cents but loved the pattern so I saved it for a rainy day.  I found it easier to cut the material slightly bigger than the picture itself, spray my adhesive and stick the material on then cut off the access. I left a little bit of overlap so that I could wrap it around the back as shown below:

photo 3 (2)

photo 1 (1)

Oh and smooth out the wrinkles before taking a picture :)

After that I sprayed my frame white so it would pop off of my green bathroom wall and hot glued my spools in the shape of a heart. This is what you see now when you are “visiting” my bathroom.


This is a weird side view but you can see this vintage awesomeness up close! I’d never hide that loveliness from you!

photo 2

Hope you enjoyed, Oh and if you haven’t entered our contest for JPT Graphics, go there now and do it pretty please! You’ll make me look good


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

JPT Graphics “Favorite Things” Give Away

As I’ve told you before, we are having a give away every week until December and are giving away our “favorite” things! It’s a lot of fun and super easy to participate in. All you have to do is like JPT Graphics on Facebook and we’d appreciate it if you shared our link so everyone can join in as well!

This contest was an idea of mine and it will make me look really good if we get lots of likes, so I’m asking my blog friends to play along PLEASE!!

It’s a fun way to get our company name out there and even more, let you learn a little more about the JPT Family and what it is we really like! The prizes range from an Amazon gift card, a bottle of wine, headphones, a cool watch, STARBUCKS!!(guess you know that’s mine right?!), and much much more!! The grand prize will be a $100 gift card and if we’re really lucky and get to 1,000 likes, we’ll double it to $200!! That’s not bad right before Christmas is it??

Here’s our Facebook link:

and remember to like the PAGE not the post itself. And pretty please share us. You’ll make  look Rita look swell!


                                                        T H A N K   Y O U!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

…so how was YOUR day?

Photo by Rita (I made this!)

Since I kind of popped up a couple of days ago to say “HI” and that I’m around so don’t forget about me, I didn’t talk much on the topic of work. 

My work life is important to me because it’s the family away from home and you all know how I feel about that subject. So here’s the deal, I’m 40, I'm in a new(er) job, going on 4 months now and (Thank God) am still very happy about my decision to take make the change.

I’m seriously here to tell you if you have any question in your mind to change your “work” life, or even "Life” life,  go with your gut and heart. It will never lead you astray! And if you don’t, we seriously need to talk!  I don’t know how I got to this place that I’m in but it’s the right place for me. I know that!

And for those that don’t know about my work life struggles, lets just say that I have been so stressed before that I went to the ER. I was hospitalized for a few days. Yep, that happened. I’ve lost hair, wish I could say I lost weight but that never happened. Opposite actually.  And what else, oh, my marriage has suffered as well.  It’s crazy the difference a job can make. I quickly realized I didn’t need to be the Manager, Senior Department Leader, or Corporate Ladder climber to put food on the table and take care of my family. I say that because I do it now and I’m none of the above. In fact, I get paid less than I did before and I still pay all the bills, have some left over and I’m so in love with my husband, it’s not even funny. He loves me too which is even better! In fact sometimes he surprises me with coffee in the morning delivered to my doorstep! (giddiness!) 

On top of all that love sappiness…I still get to do one of the things I love to do, which has lacked on here and that is a weekly blog post. I've been able to keep that presence around the JPT Graphics social media and people seem to like it (so far anyway). It’s hard not talking about things you are passionate about, but I believe I’m managing quite well! Some of my coworkers said it’s nice having a professional blogger haha! I’ve told them I’m SOOO not that. I just like to write like I’m talking to people. And boy am I a talker! Just ask Brianna. She never hesitates to tell me it’s way too much for her ears. 

The thing with Blogging is you never know who reads your stuff. Who you’ve touched, if anyone, or who needs to read what you’ve written that very moment of their lives. But I believe anyone can inspire you, teach you or show you something that you needed to see. In fact, I think you’ve been brought to that blog post for a reason, you just may not know it yet. Inspirations comes in all facets of life, even via blogs about “work life”. I have many blogs I love and feel so acquainted with the writer that If I had a million dollars, I’d add them to my will.  That’s love my dears!

So, if you want to see some of the things I've written for work or want to follow along there, we added a new button to add your email address! I’m super excited even though no one’s signed up yet :(  Anyway you never know what you’ll learn about graphics and I promise there are things everyone should know!! Or hey, I can simply use the support! I’ll love you back in spades.

So this series I wrote was all about fonts:

1. Font’s -part 1

2. Font’s - part 2 - How font’s set your tone

3/Font’s - part 3 - Presentation and Professionalism

4. Font’s - part 4 - “What’s in” vs. “What looks good”

5. Font’s - part 5 - Overusing your Font

There are more I’ve written,  but this series was one anyone can use! Also if you have any ideas or comments about how to do it better, let me know. Or if you use it to put yourself to sleep at night, heck I’m just honored you did me a solid and read it after all.

One more thing before I end is that we will be having a contest on our Facebook page soon so I’ll be writing the details here. I fully expect you all to play along since it was my idea to have it in the first place and it will make me look super terrific at work. Even like a professional blogger. Ok, kidding, obviously to the five of you that read this- ha!

You know where to reach me if you have any lingering questions or comments. Remember I’m ALWAYS around if you need me and always, always know I believe in you so you should always believe in yourself! Ashley and Brianna that one is directed to you.

OH and as far as work goes, I literally leave work cracking up on a daily basis. The stress is gone (don’t get me wrong it shows up on deadline days) but for the most part there’s a smile when I enter the door and a smile when I leave. And the smile when I leave isn't because I need to get away from there like it used to be. Don’t you think you deserve more smiles in your life? I think you do so consider it!

Love you much,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I’m HERE… just sometimes wish I were THERE!


Do you ever tell yourself you shouldn't tell people what’s been going on in your life because it’s way too boring and you will bore them to tears? Or maybe you’re just too embarrassed to say that you’ve been reading romance novels every waking hour because they are so damn addictive and that’s why you haven’t blogged about furniture in God knows how long?…. OR  MAYBE STILL, you’ve gained 4 POUNDS(!!) and have been eating chocolate chip croissant’s like they are going out of style and feel like that girl on that ridiculous commercial, who gets up in the middle of the night and stands at the refrigerator with a donut in her mouth!!  Yes that’s true of me! I’m that girl with the donut in her mouth and a romance novel in her hand!! I AM SHE and she is me! 

Ugh I frustrate myself. And I’d tell you I’ll change but who am I kidding, I seriously plan on changing SOME of this ridiculousness in my life but I don’t know how long I can go without a croissant or a romance book…I’m just saying. 

I’ve always felt that blogs were supposed to entertain you, teach you, inspire you, or show your latest furniture flips. And though I LOVE to read about what’s going on in your life, surely you don’t want to read about what's going on in mine all the time, right?! That my friends, is why I refrain.

In fact, if we’re being honest, the only topic I’ve become most familiar with these days/weeks is not furniture or adventures. Nope, it’s more like divorce, separation(not mine), and I’ve found that the mamma bear in me has come out like nobody’s business.  I could seriously get into A LOT of trouble if I wrote what I was really feeling these days and to say I’d hurt people in the process is an understatement.  I’ve basically taken the role of over protective mom in many situations the last few months and I’m getting familiar with a side of myself I’ve never really seen before. Well that is of course when I’m not reading a book with a croissant in my mouth!

Believe me, in the last few weeks I’ve thought up titles of blog posts to write about but have refrained in order to protect the innocent, if you know what I mean.  Now granted, I’m still here and the same old me…fun loving spirit with a heart that bleeds for just about everyone these days and don’t forget the Starbucks coffee in my hand ( I should seriously become a spokeswoman!). Oh and in case you’re wondering, work is still wonderful and I love it.  That change is phenomenal if I do say so myself! I’ll let you know about work in my next “about my life” -post.

So if you’re still around and really care to know what’s going on with me, like maybe you’ve been lost without my blog in your life…(crickets)…yeah, just let me know. You know I’ll write just about anything! I just don’t want to bore anyone to tears because that wouldn’t be nice and I’m not a mean person.

Love you lots, missed you and all that good stuff!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Wood on Wood is Good!

Ya’ll, I”m not even gonna lie, I did not think this would come out as good as it did! I tend to stay away from staining wood if at all possible UNLESS it is only a part of the piece that is being stained and my heart screams for me to stain it.

Refresher: this is what I had to work with:

IMG_3588 IMG_3590 IMG_3591 IMG_3593

My aunt Rita purchased this for her guest bedroom and wanted it to be more of a red oak color to match her current furniture style.  She gave me one of her bed spindles to match the color with.  I have to say, it wasn’t that dramatic so I seriously doubted myself in getting the color dead on. The other problem, which is my sole hesitation in restaining anything, is that you have to really get everything off before applying the new stain or it will show right through. So every little nook and cranny you see here, had to be sanded.

Now, I don’t know if there is an easier way to do this but my first step was to sand all the flat edges. Thank goodness they came off like a charm! When I got to all the rounded edges, it became more difficult so I went from my rotary sander to hand sanding everything.  That was more tiresome obviously but over the course of a few weekends, it eventually came off.

Oh and I bought some sand deglosser that my Home Depot guy said would help with those hard to reach places…DON’T BUY IT, HE LIED! It didn’t do anything at all!

And now here she is in all her Red Oak Glory!

IMG_3598 IMG_3599 IMG_3602 IMG_3604 IMG_3606 IMG_3607

At the end of the day, my Aunt Rita was happy, her great niece Rita was happy and I think if this dresser (who in my good opinion should also be named Rita) could talk, she’d be happy too!

In desperate need of a massage,


Wednesday, July 02, 2014

For My Friends!

There comes a time in your life when you need a friend.  If your lucky, you are already surrounded by them. If your even more fortunate than that, they are the really good kind of friends. Not just the ones that go to the movies or go shopping with you, but the ones that feel what you are going through and they listen and empathize when life is just too much to handle.

And if you are truly blessed, you have the type of friend who changes the course of your life forever. They don’t just empathize, they don’t judge you, and they don’t just offer support.  They are tough, they are wise and without them, that glimpse of a silver lining would never come into fruition. They keep you sane and keep you on a healthy path that you might hate at the time, but that you so desperately need to be on. Without them in your life, you simply could not handle the curveball life will through at you and sometimes turn your world upside down. They keep you grounded, keep you focused and all the while, cry with you and hold your hand. They are your back bone when yours just doesn’t work anymore. They are the little angels who’s wings work over time because not only are they carrying their own load, but sometimes yours as well.

Today, I’m in such a great point in my life and it’s hard to believe that once upon a time I felt that bad. I have a friend of mine who is going through a tough time in their life very similar to what I went through ten years ago. It brought back so many emotions for me,  but the one thing that has hit me the most is remembering the dear friends I had that kept me afloat while I was drowning. I wasn’t just led to the light at the end of the tunnel,  but sometimes gently pushed there by them.  I would have never in a million years imagined that I’d be the one holding hands with someone walking in the same shoes I was in at that point in my life.

Today was another day of me trying to smile and help my friend. It was so much that I felt the need to get some of it out and write which is what I tend to do (sorry world) but it helps.
So while I’m trying to be strong for my friend, offering what I once deemed “harsh words of wisdom” in order to help them, let me also say this, because you never know who needs to hear it and because that someone just may be you:

We all have CRAP in our life.
Crud doesn’t pick whose life it hits- we can only hope it skips our lives but chances are it doesn’t.
And for whatever reason we go through what we go through, you have to find the smallest little tidbit of hope because I promise it is there, you just have to find it, and I believe you will!

This is when my “make your own sunshine” motto reigns true. It sure as heck may not feel like it but there are little rays of sunshine all around you. If you can’t find them, make them!

We all have strength within us, sometime we just need to be reminded of it. Believe in yourself because sometimes you’re all you’ve got and you ARE important!

Today, I can only hope I can be the friend I need to be and if I’m lucky at all, I can be an ounce of what my friends were to me!

To Cindy: I love you, thank you for forever changing the course of my life! I wouldn’t be in this lovely spot without you!
To Andrea: For everything, for always and forever, I love you and Thank you!
To Maricia and Claudia: I think it goes without saying that our friendship has come full circle and we know how lucky we are to have each other!
And to my Debbie (Debs, Deborah Lynn): With out a doubt, because of you, I’ve never stopped believing!

Love you all!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dreamy Dresser

Yay! She’s done and she was so much fun to help dress up!!

You saw her before:

(Pardon Chrysanthemum’s tail in the photo)

But just so you get a better picture of what I had to work with, let me show you a close up of the top. I call this OFR- Old Furniture Rash! That is not a technical term, but it’s gross and looks like a rash for old furniture. Hence the name!


It’s basically what people who paint furniture usually hate! I myself have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate it because it makes life harder when painting it, but I also love it because it makes the finished product THAT MUCH more amazing!




The second small complication is my friend wanted the bottom two drawers removed. The thing is, older furniture is always solid so it is a bit more difficult to remove.


They definitely didn’t mess around back then did they? I had to pull out the big guns in order to remove that middle piece and what I found out was that the back piece in the way, way back was part of the back brace so it needed to stay.


And once again, this is what she envisioned (via her rendering because she is a designer and they always come prepared):
The only change we made (besides keeping the back bar) was to paint it a lighter shade of grey which I think looks awesome!! I chose Annie Sloan Paris Grey. The dark gray just didn’t do this piece justice.

And here she is now!!  Pretty close don’t you think?


IMG_3575 IMG_3576 IMG_3578

And NO MORE rash crap!!  That top is as smooth as a baby’s bottom!!

Have to say it was wonderful getting to play around again with my paints!  I love it! What do you think?


Monday, June 23, 2014

Beauty In The Blooming Blog Tour


Have you stopped to ask yourself how you’re living in the now? What are you doing for yourself for your own “happiness”?

The question was asked on  “Oh My Homemade Goodness” for a blog tour they are having and the topic really struck a cord with me because it’s basically all I’ve been writing about lately. I started this blog years ago with the hope that one day I’d have this grandiose furniture business and life would be grand.  Needless to say I didn’t think about all of the specifics on how I’d accomplish that goal, I just prayed one day I’d get there.

During these years, you’ve read my posts on my weekly furniture projects, my year spent at renting a spot at Lula B’s Antique mall, my crazy and stressful previous day job and now my great new job, and finally where I am today with Curbside Creations. Basically you’ve lived my struggles with me and the path that I’ve paved.

The difference however in what I thought would make me happy then and what makes me happy now is that I feel like I do live in the now, rather than just a vague hope for the future.

If you’re not following where I’m going with this, let me explain.

I believe everyone has a dream to be “something” when they grow up and probably 8 out of 10 times people don’t actually accomplish that goal.  I used to want to be an architect and now I work for a graphic company and paint furniture. Once I realized I loved painting and updating furniture, it became my dream to do it for a living. The problem is that when it didn’t pan out like I dreamt it would, I knocked myself for not reaching that goal. I never had a brick and mortar business and painting furniture was only my weekend hobby. It ended up making me feel like I’d constantly failed.

If you’ve read my other posts on “life” you’ll know my decisions for staying in a full time job and continuing to only paint on the side. But in the end, painting is still a passion and it remains a constant in my life. I love it and it completes me :)

It took me a while but I finally figured out that not fulfilling that dream didn’t mean that I had failed.Not for a minute!

I’ve made so many friends with this blog.  I’ve encountered so many people and have painted their furniture for them. I’ve sold pieces I’ve recreated on Etsy. But most importantly I’ve touched a life from someone as far as Alaska and that’s saying a lot for a little girl in Texas, and made great friends all over the US including Australia. Not to mention I’m always honored when I randomly get asked about my furniture tips! I may not get paid to advertise or promote paint or tools but it doesn’t mean I don’t use them for the projects people have paid me to work on; which has paid for said product or tool numerous times over! That in itself feels great!

So no, I don’t have my own furniture business per say but I still paint furniture and as long as it makes me happy and is done on my time, I will continue to paint furniture and then let you read all about it. 

I’ve said it before – we are all capable of greatness and we all have a spot in the world created specifically for us for a great purpose! We don’t fail, we live for the moment and choose our path for tomorrow. Today I’m living for mine and I’m LOVING doing it!



Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Job if I Choose to Accept…and of course I accept…duh!

My friend and fellow coworker Vanessa, asked if I’d help her with a piece of furniture she had and wanted to keep for her new house.  Without even looking at it, I of course said YES! I wouldn’t be me if I said otherwise! 

I just got it today and HAD to share it with you.  Also, the thing I LOVE about designers is they’re details. She gave me a rendering of what she had in mind:

Here’s what it actually looks like:
dresser front view dresser side view with draw open

You can’t tell to well from this picture but the clear coat on the top is pretty damaged which gives it that shattered glass look.  I’m actually super excited about that part because it comes off really easy and it’ll make the finished product that much sweeter!

Oh and last thing is that the two bottom drawers will have to be removed and I haven’t yet inspected how I’ll do that but I”m sure it’s nothing a hot cup of coffee can’t solve!

I’ll be back with the finished product next week!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pallet Art

I’ve always wanted to create “something” from a pallet and I finally got my chance when my friend Cindy asked me to be on the look out for a piece of wood we could make a sign out of. She sent me a picture of what she was looking for so I knew about what size it needed to be and began my hunt.

I ended up finding the perfect piece the other day at Home Depot while Sam and I were looking for flooring. Yet another project we’re working on around the house  Anyway, I found this small pallet (smaller than the typical pallet size) but it was perfect! I talked the guy in to letting me take it (thank you Mr. Kind Home Depot Employee) and sent a pic to Cindy for her approval.


The sign needed to say “Smith Fab 5” and the colors she wanted were blue and brown.  So my original idea was to stain it and paint the face blue with wood stain coming through. It didn’t quite work that way and I ended up going a different route but in the picture below you can see the stain I started out with. It looked pretty nasty!

Since I would be painting this freehanded,  I drew myself some guides so that  it wouldn’t look too terrible.
(tip: I used a chalk pen to draw my lines and letters so I could erase them easily)


I know that looks really gross but I painted over it so we’re good now!

Here’s the result.  A rustic pallet wall art! 

IMG_3557 IMG_3560

Pallet art…CHECK!

Have a great Friday and a Happy Weekend!